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Cult of the Lamb: How to get more gold



Cult of the Lamb: How to get more gold

Cult of the lamb is a game where you make your own demonic cult that you will have to manage and will make different items from crafting and involve them in creating different structures and give your followers work. Gold is the currency that is used to upgrade your main camp and unlock different items and upgrades. It has in-depth crafting and the main camp management system which makes it pretty similar to that of Animal Crossing. You can add different Decoration items to your camp as well to overhaul your camp’s looks but you will need to have gold in order to buy decorations.

In this guide, we are going to cover how you can get yourself more gold in the Cult of the Lamb to upgrade your camp and buy upgrades.

Getting more Gold Methods

Here are all the methods you can use to get yourself more gold in the cult of the lamb.


You can fight bosses and you can also come back and fight the same boss again as well. You will be getting gold coins as rewards for defeating the bosses.

Boss chests

After fighting bosses, you can open special chests from the boss levels which will give you gold coins as well as other different resource items.

Tarot Cards

You can use tarot cards to get yourself an extra amount of a resource as a bonus for using a certain tarot card. You can use the Rabbit’s Foot Tarot card which will give you a bonus of gold means you can get more gold for opening a chest or defeating enemies. Either way, you will get more gold by using Rabbit’s Foot tarot card.

Selling Resources

You can also sell your resources for different amounts of gold. One of the best items to sell is the Rare Fish. You can get rare fish by going fishing. Rare fish will give you a good amount of gold.

Use Followers

You can use your followers and you can demand gold from them. This is a very useful method; you can order your followers to give you gold and they will give you the gold that they’ve collected. The amount of gold that you receive from your followers can also be increased by using the Ritual of Enrichment.


You can craft yourself a refinery. You can use gold nuggets and you can refine them into gold coins that hold more value. 7 nuggets are equal to 5 cold coins. You can use this tactic to get yourself more gold.

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