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Dark and Darker: How Merchants Work



Dark and Darker: How Merchants Work

Dark and Darker is an online survival game in which players will spawn in the dungeons to fight the deadly skeletons, zombies, and other dark creatures along with other real players. As players fight the enemies, they will find different items from their bodies that can be used later as well as they can trade or sell to merchants.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Merchants work in Dark and Darker.

Buying and Selling Items to Merchants

Merchants in Dark and Darker work as traders in the Escape From Tarkov game where you buy the items you need or sell the items that you don’t need. In Dark and Darker, it uses the same principle of buying and selling the items through Merchants. There is a total of 12 Merchants in Dark and Darker through which players will be able to make trades.

All the Merchants have different names and their names specify the items that they are selling or buying. To buy the items, select the merchant you want to buy from and browse through the items that you want to buy. Select the item and its quantity then make the payment of the required Gold for the item and then you will be able to Make Deal with the Merchant. However, if you want to sell the items, then you will have to change the Merchant’s Trade behavior to Sell and then you will be able to place the items that you want to sell and the Merchant will give you the required gold for it.

Dark and Darker: How Merchants Work

Crafting and Repairing

Merchants are more useful than only for buying and selling items. You can also visit the Merchants for crafting your items as well as repairing them. You can find these options under the Service tab and you will be able to select between whether you want to do crafting or repairing. For the crafting, you will be able to select the items that a merchant can craft and by gathering the resources, you will be able to give the resources to the Merchant to craft the item. Crafting the items will take some time and after that, you will be able to retrieve the item from Merchant.

Crafting and Repairing

For Repairing, you will have to select the Repair service and then give the item to the Merchant so that he can repair it. It will take some charges as well so make sure to have some Gold on you before you get these services from the Merchants.


There are also quests for Merchants that you can complete to earn Gold as well as other useful items. You can get different armor, weapons, and utilities by completing the quests of different Merchants. Completing the Quests will also give you the EXP that will help you increase your level quicker. Missions are spread over different Maps so, you would have to complete them when you load them into the corresponding maps.

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