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Dark and Darker: How to Defeat Lich – Boss Fight



Dark and Darker: How to Defeat Lich – Boss Fight

Dark and Darker is an online dungeon game where players will get to explore the dark world of the dungeons and encounter different types of enemies, bosses, and real players as well. The survival in Dark and Darker can get pretty intense so, players should come prepared for everything. Surviving is the key to getting out of the dungeons but if you want to experience all the things that Dark and Darker has to offer then you should fight one of the bosses named “Lich”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Lich in Dark and Darker.

How to Get to Lich Boss

Lich is one of the bosses that players can encounter in Dark and Darker by reaching the Hell Level. Lich has a guaranteed spawn in the hell-level room that can be reached by going through the Red Portals. Red Portals are much harder to find than Blue Portals so, you will have to look for them more carefully. However, it can only be found by the players who are in the Trio Party. The players who are playing solos or duos, will not be able to find the Red Portal to get to the Hell Level. If you want to take down Lich then you should come prepared for the fight because he has several moves up in his sleeves that can kill you in a single hit.

Defeating Lich

Lich has two types of Casting attacks which have their own debuffs. It is important for the players to learn about his attacks because if you are fighting Lich for the first time, you possibly die in less than a minute. Let’s start with his basic move. When you enter the main hall in which Lich spawns, you will see him summoning 6 Skeletons and 3 Archers. The first piece of advice from us would be that don’t focus on the Skeletons or Archers because you don’t want to take a fight with them. As it will give the edge to Lich to hit you with his Casting Attacks.

The trick that you want to be doing from the start of the fight is get close to the wall and keep moving in a Counter-Clockwise or a Clockwise direction. The Skeletons will follow you behind but will not be able to hit you so, don’t worry about them and the Archers’ arrows will also miss. The moving technique is useful in the fight because you will have a high chance of dodging Lich’s Casting Attacks.

Lich Casting Attacks are the Purple Ones and the Blue Ones. Both of them have their own debuffs and if you get hit by any one of them, you will have to follow a trick to get the lowest debuff. If anyone of the player in your party gets a Purple Debuff, it means he will get 100% Power Damage but if the rest of the players join in the Purple Circle, the damage percentage will decrease to 25%. So, if you see any purple circle around your team player, you immediately want to join in the circle. However, if anyone of the player in your party gets a Blue Debuff, it means he will get a movement speed debuff. You must avoid the blue circle because you don’t want to get slower in the fight as all of the enemies will have the advantage to attack you.

Now, let’s talk about dealing damage to Lich. You can use the Archer class as well as the Melee Class to deal melee damage to Lich but you will have to be more careful while getting close to Lich. As his attacks can kill you in a single hit. You can hit him with the arrows while moving and if all three players are hitting him at once, he will take a lot of damage. All the players will have to do the teamwork in the fight to defeat Lich. There is also another useful item that you can bring in the fight and that is the Blue Potions. Blue Potions will let you have the shield so that you would not take damage for a certain amount of damage. Make sure to use the Blue Potion at the start or if you are out of the Red Potions then you can use that during the fight as well.

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