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Dark and Darker: How to Get Ruby Silver Ore



Dark and Darker: How to Get Ruby Silver Ore

Dark and Darker is an online survival game that takes place in the dungeons. Players will get to encounter different types of dark enemies in the dungeons as well as real players. However, the main goal would be to get the loot and extract through the dungeon. Players can find different tiers of loot inside the dungeon and one of the rare items in the dungeons is Ruby Silver Ores.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get Ruby Silver Ore in Dark and Darker.

Ruby Silver Ore

Ruby Silver Ore is a resource that can be sold to the merchants as well as can be used to make Ingots and Powder which are then used to make Purple Armor and Purple Clothing. It is an essential resource that you will be needing to craft high-tier armor and clothing to get more resistance and buffs. However, Ruby Silver Ore can also be used to make a ton of Gold by selling it into the market to real players. You can trade it with the Merchants but they will not pay a high price. You can sell Ruby Silver Ore at 30 Gold to 40 Gold prices in the market and by selling a bunch of these ores, you can easily make tons of Gold.

Getting Ruby Silver Ore

Ruby Silver Ores are very rare and they do not have a common loot spawn but they do have certain locations in the Dungeons where you will be able to find them. As there are four different maps in the third playtest of Dark and Darker, the locations of the Ores will be different on each map. There are a total of 2 locations in each Crypt Map so, if you are playing the Crypt map then you can get to find 2 Ruby Stones from which you will be able to mine the Ores. You can find the Ruby Stones in the Inferno map as well.

Dark and Darker: How to Get Ruby Silver Ore

However, these Ruby Silver Stones are obtained by mining the Red Colored Stone in the dungeon. You will have to look for them in the rooms or halls and then clear the areas from the enemies to easily mine the stones. If you don’t clear the enemies, it will be very difficult to mine the stones. For mining, you would be needing a Pickaxe that can only be obtained by a merchant named “Woodsman” for 25 Gold.

Once you have the Pickaxe and know the maps a little better then it would be easier for you to get the Ruby Silver Ores and then make them into a Purple Tier Armor or sell them to make more Gold.

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