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Dark and Darker: How to Get Skull Key and Unlock Skull Door



Dark and Darker: How to Get Skull Key and Unlock Skull Door

Dark and Darker is an online survival game that takes place in the dungeons. Players will get to encounter different types of dark enemies in the dungeons as well as real players. However, the main goal would be to get the loot and extract through the dungeon. Players can find different tiers of loot inside the dungeon and one of the rare items in the game is Skull Key as its spawn rate is very low.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get Skull Key and unlock Skull Door in Dark and Darker.

Getting Skull Key

Players will get to explore the dungeons by opening different doors and some door requires a certain key to be open that can be found in the Chests or in random locations. However, one of the rare keys in the game is Skull Key which can mostly be found by killing the two main bosses of the maps. You will be able to get the Skull Key by killing Lich or Ghost King. You can find both of these bosses in the Hell Level of the map by going through the Red Teleport.

Looting these bosses will have a chance of getting the Skull Key which opens a door named “Skull Door” which is also on the Hell Level. However, this key also has a spawn rate that is very low but you still can find it by searching the following locations.

  • You can find one near the Chests in the Northwest room on the Crypt Map.
  • You can find one in the Throne Room in the North which is also in the Crypt Map,

Unlocking Skull Door

The Skull Door is also in the Hell Level so you will have to go through the Red Teleport again and go to the south room to reach the Gate near the Lava. Go past the Lava and up on the ramp to open a door that will reveal other enemies. Kill the enemies carefully or otherwise you will lose the Skull Key along with all of your gear and loot. After opening the first door, you will see a lever on the left of the door. Interact with it to extend the bridge to you and by going on the Bridge, you will reach the Skull Door.

Dark and Darker: How to Get Skull Key and Unlock Skull Door

After reaching the Skull Door, use the Skull Key to unlock the Door and you will get to loot the chests with Purple, Legendary, and Rare items. You might have to bring some Lockpicks as well for some chests so, make sure one of your party players or you have lockpicks to open the Chests and loot the items.

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