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House of Da Vinci 3: How to solve Northern Italy Map Puzzle



House of Da Vinci 3: How to solve Northern Italy Map Puzzle

After getting the evidence from the Villa, players will make their way to Rome where they will meet other story characters of the game and players will get to solve one of the difficult puzzles in the game. The Players will make their way up to a secret room that has a whole Northern Map laid down on the wall.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Northern Italy Map Puzzle in House of Da Vinci 3.

Solving Northern Italy Map Puzzle

As players enter the room, they will see the map on the left wall along with other machines in the room. Players will find it confusing as they will not get an idea of the starting point of the puzzle. However, you can solve this puzzle by following these steps.

  • First, you will need to interact with the Painting in the room and move it to the side to find the item named “Coat of Arms”.
  • Place the Coat of arms in the box on the left side of the map. It will move the pointers and the locations on the map will pop out.
  • Interact with the map from above and place the header on the locations to mark them. Note: the header will only mark the required locations for the puzzle and to find the required ones, you will have to place it on all the locations one by one.
  • The header has two sides, white and black so, you will have to test both sides and once you have marked a total of four locations, more locations from beneath will pop out.
  • Now, you will have to check other locations again with the header to mark them. After marking 8 locations in total, the pointers will spread the red wire between the map and a compartment will open in which you will find a key.
  • Use the key on the Basement Hatch to go down and you will find an Oil Lamp.
  • Go up again and place the Oil Lamp on the side of the ladder in a lid. Open the cap of the lamp and interact with the mechanism to ignite the lamp.
  • Close the cap and rotate the lamp towards the red wire to catch fire. Once the fire has gone through the wall, it will mark the locations with an X.
  • You will find a tool on the right side of the map and you need to use it on the canon behind you so you can rotate it.
  • After using the tool, interact with the red button on the back of the machine to find a Bead Screw.
  • Go down in the Basement and place the Bead screw in the chest and then open the chest by rotating the Cog on the side.
  • You will find a Meta Card.
  • Place the Metal Card on the machine in the basement and you need to mark the card on the locations same as the map. You can view the locations in the book as well.
  • Place all the locations and then go to the canon and place the Metal card at the back of the canon and press the Red Button to install it.
  • Pull the red lever to remove the lock and then interact with the lock to reveal more things under the canon.
  • You will have to use the pump to fill the gunpowder and then use the pin to send it to the bullets.
  • After that, use the water as well and once they are in the bullets, use the Red lever to raise the canon and aim at the wall.
  • Shoot all the X marks at the wall which will reveal a pipeline.
  • Go to the wall and arrange the pipes in an order that it all goes through to the top right block.
  • After that, use the lever on the pipe and the blocks will fall down, revealing another secret room.

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