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House of Da Vinci 3: How to Find Cross-Shaped Key



House of Da Vinci 3: How to Find Cross-Shaped Key

As players make their way to the Villa to find Leonardo, they will find that Leonardo has left the Villa and players will have to unlock doors which will require them to solve more puzzles. One of the main things that players will need is the Cross-Shaped Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Cross-Shaped Key in the House of Da Vinci 3.

Finding Cross-Shaped Key

The Cross-Shaped Key will be used to find other required items and you can find the Cross-Shaped Key in a locked Door. Once you made it inside the Villa, you will get to see a locked door on the right side. This Door will require you to solve a little puzzle. Go to the door on the left and budge it to open it. Place the book on the mechanism to reveal a Strangely Shaped Crank. Place the crank on the switch under the cogs and move to rotate the mechanism.

You will have to drag the Red Switch to the other side to release the Cart. The Cart will go ahead and budge the door open. Go near the cart and you will find an item named “Ironbound Disc”. Once the door is unlocked, go inside the room and follow the steps to find the Cross-Shaped Key.

  • Select the desk on the right side and then select the pen. You will see the marking on the desk. Rotate the dial according to the marking to get the Cart Model.
  • Now, go back and place the cart on the stand on the right side. The Cart will fit on the stand and a rotatable mechanism will come up.
  • Rotate the mechanism and you will reveal a lever.
  • Now, move the lever to the Ironbound Disc to make the Ornament Lever.
  • Place the Ornament Lever, near the stairs of the room and pull the lever to open a secret compartment which will also unlock another door outside.
  • Select the compartment and place the pieces inside and rotate it to reveal a cartridge.
  • Rotate the Cartridge to get the Cross-Shaped Key.

After getting the Cross-Shaped Key, you will be able to use it on the desk to make further progress in the chapter.

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