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Blacktail: How to solve Stone’s Upside-Down Bridge Puzzle



Blacktail: How to solve Stone’s Upside-Down Bridge Puzzle

Blacktail is a story-mode adventure game that covers the story of the infamous Witch in the Woods name “Yaga”. Players will get to play Yaga in the game who is in search of her sister Zora and come to find her True Nature as the story progresses. After seeing the memory of Dragoy, her friend, a new area will unlock where she will face the Stone again and get to solve another one of his puzzles.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Stone’s Upside-Down Puzzle in Blacktail.

Solving Stone’s Upside-Down Bridge Puzzle

Players will get to meet Stone once again as they progress ahead in the story by killing the main boss named “Shade of Dragoy”. Killing the boss will unlock the memory for Yaga and it will unlock a new area from the Hut. Once players follow the trail of Crumbs on the new path, they will get to meet Stone. The Black Cat will translate the Stine and it will tell you to climb up on the Upside-Down Bridge. To get to the Upside-Down bridge, you will have to follow the path that leads to a small town. Clear the enemies from the town and go to the left side and you will see the Old Gods’ Symbol. You can shoot arrows through the Symbols to teleport to their position. Shoot the arrow to get across from the town and make your way down. You will need to follow the path and cross the bridge to go up on the right side to reach beneath the Upside-Down Bridge.

Shoot the arrow through the Symbol again to get up on the Upside-Down Bridge and you will get to meet Stone. Stone will tell you to move its kind on the bridge to make the way. The Stone-Cold logic of Stones is that they do not move until someone is seeing them so you will have to move the Stones on the bridge by looking in another direction.

Go along the bridge path until you come up on another Symbol. Shoot the arrow to cross the gap and you will see the first stone, look in another direction to move the stone. Go along the bridge’s path and you will come up on different stones. You can move all of them by looking in another direction. Once you have made it to the end of the bridge and moved all of the stones from the path, you need to look up at the ground and shoot the arrow through the Symbol to complete the puzzle.

Stone will meet you again on the ground and will move away from the path that you were following earlier.

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