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Blacktail: How Hunting Works



Blacktail: How Hunting Works

Blacktail is set in the woods named the Black Forest and it is full of mysteries and dark creatures. Yaga will begin her journey by looking for her sister and it can be tiring to explore in such a big forest so at certain points during the journey, Yaga will feel hungry and she will need to eat food by obtaining the Meat from killing an Animal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Hunting Works in Blacktail

Hunting for Food

Yaga is a young bright girl who will feel hungry at certain points in the game and you will have to gather food by hunting down the animals. The Hunger will impact Yaga’s health as well so, if you are not regenerating your health on your own, it means that Yaga is hungry and you have to search for food. Yaga’s primary weapon is a bow that you will be using throughout the game and you will be using it as well for hunting.

Hunting will require you to search for an animal from which you can obtain clean Meat. If you kill the dark creatures, you will not be able to get meat from them so look for the animals like Deer in the forest to obtain Meat. Exploring the different parts of the Black Forest will let you find different types of animals in the forest and when you see an animal, be ready to hunt it down. Make sure you have crafted several arrows because it will require a couple of arrows to take down the strong animals.

As Animals are very keen so you will have to be careful and try not to make much noise while approaching close to them. You can reduce your sound by crouching and it will also increase your aiming stability. Once the animal is in line your sight, aim at the animal and hold the arrow inside the bow to charge it. Once it is charged, shoot at the animal to deal damage and follow it to line up another shot at it to take him down. Once the animal is down, go near it to collect the Meat.

After getting the Meat, you will have to go to the Campfire and place the Meat on the fire to cook it. Cooking will also require you to play through a mini-game in which you have to catch flames on the meat by rotating the border outside of the meat. Once the meat has caught enough flames, it will be cooked and Yaga will eat the food to regenerate Health as well as get Status Effects.

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