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Blacktail: How to Defeat PEEWEE the Dragon (Boss Fight)



Blacktail: How to Defeat PEEWEE the Dragon (Boss Fight)

Blacktail has many dark creatures that Yaga will fight in the Black Forest. As you progress through the main story of the game, you’ll get to fight a Dragon named PEEWEE who loves Honey. Yaga has made the deal to slay the dragon in exchange for the bridge so she can follow the Lost Spirit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat PEEWEE the Dragon in Blacktail.

How to Get to PEEWEE the Dragon

Once Yaga has retrieved the explosive’s powder from Rebel, she will need to go through the door ahead on the road and make her way to the Windmill. Go down on the road from the Windmill to reach the cave in which the dragon is and you will get to enter the cave. Keep following the cave to reach the battle area where you will fight PEEWEE the Dragon.

Defeating PEEWEE the Dragon

PEEWEE the Dragon’s Wings will be covered in Honey and he cannot move due to his Wings being strangled. As you face him, he will only be able to shoot Honey Balls from his mouth that explodes on interaction with any surface. Try to dodge the Honey Balls because it deals great damage to one whole heart and it will take some time to recover. Dodge his attack by moving into the covers behind the rocks or by using the dashing ability.

Attacking PEEWEE the dragon with simple arrows or Honey Arrows will not deal great damage and it will take several minutes if you keep shooting him with arrows. The proper way to damage him is by shooting giant blocks of Honey Nest at him. In order to do that, you need to gather the blocks of Honey Nests around the area and place them on the two Hot Honey Geysers. There are two Honey Geysers in the area, each on one side. Grab the honey blocks and place them on the Geyser until it fills up. When the Geyser is full, it will work as a launcher and it will shoot warm Honey at PEEWEE that will deal a great amount of damage.

In the whole fight, the main task you need to do is collect the blocks and place them at the Geysers to kill PEEWEE quickly. Although, you still have to dodge his attacks of Honey Balls and as you start depleting his health, he will start to shoot Honey Balls more quickly. Dodge them by taking cover behind the rocks and then start gathering the blocks again. Once you have almost depleted his health, gases will start to come out of the nests in the area. You need to block the nests before you die to the gases. Shoot the Honey Arrows at the nest to block the gases and kill PEEWEE the dragon.

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