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Blacktail: How to solve Stone’s Puzzle



Blacktail: How to solve Stone’s Puzzle

Blacktail is a story-mode adventure game that covers the story of the infamous Witch in the Woods name “Yaga”. Players will get to play Yaga in the game who is in search of her sister Zora and come to find her True Nature as the story progresses. After slaying the Dragon, Yaga has to make her way back to Borvy and Jack but on the way, she will get to solve a little puzzle of a Stone on the bridge.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Stone’s Puzzle in Blacktail.

Solving Stone’s Puzzle

As you make your way out of PEEWEE the Dragon’s cave, you will have to return to Borvy and Jack but as you are about to cross the bridge, you will see that the path is blocked by a stone and the cat will tell you that you need to get certain things to make the stone go away. The Voice will translate the cat and will tell you that you need to find a Rod with a Golden Line. The Voice will tell you that it is hidden away by the Red Roses many years ago and you will have to find one of the Red Roses to get the Rod.

After the conversation, go back to the main road and when the road splits, go to the left side. You will also hear the Ant Queen under the big rock. If you look to the left of the Ant, you will see a Red Rose and you will have to holster your Bow. You need to do that because Red Roses get scared very easily so it will not be possible to reveal the Rod. Hold the R button to holster the bow and you will see the eye of the Red Rose revealing a chest. Look at the chest and press the F key to Deflect the chest to open it. Opening the chest will get you the Rod with a Golden Line.

Now, make your way back to the Bridge and the Voice will tell you to catch the fish in the water before it turns into goldfish. Turn around and go to the right side of the bridge on the wooden raft. Interact with the circle to equip the Fishing Rod and press Left-Click to start fishing. You will catch the fish and the stone will disappear when you get back on the bridge. Now, you will be able to get to Borvy and Jack.

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