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Blacktail: How to Use Shrines



Blacktail: How to Use Shrines

Blacktail offers vast areas of Black Forest that players will get to explore as Yaga. There are different things that you get to interact with but one of the most useful locations is the Shrines and to activate the Shrine, you will have to do a specific thing.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Shrines in Blacktail.

Unlocking Shrines

Shrines are certain locations on the map that can be visited and if you have a Red Herb, then you will get to interact with Shrine which will activate the Shrine. Activating the Shrine will save your current progress. As the game only offers certain story checkpoints in the game but if you want to save your progress in exploring the Black Forest then you should visit one of the Shrines on the map to save the progress. However, the Red Leaf will not be there when you visit the same Shrine again. It will save your current progress and when you visit the Shrine again, you will have to place another Red Leaf to save the progress again.

Red Herbs are common plants that can be found in the Black Forest but in some areas of the Black Forest, they are very rare so, you do want to keep a maximum number of Red Herbs on you. Although you can only have 8 of these at the start of the game later in the game, you can increase the limit of resources by equipping the Deep Pockets Skill. It will let you hold 16 Red Herbs. As Red Herbs are also used in other recipes like crafting Antidote and other brewing potions, you will have to look for them in the Black Forest.

Blacktail: How to Use Shrines

So, if you come to find these Red Herbs along with other useful resources, make sure to use one of the Red Herbs at the shrine to save your progress.

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