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Blacktail: How to Defeat Rebel (Boss Fight)



Blacktail: How to Defeat Rebel (Boss Fight)

Blacktail has many dark creatures that Yaga will fight in the Black Forest. As you progress through the main story of the game, the first main boss that you will get to defeat is Rebel, A Mushroom Creature like the Knight you met earlier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Rebel in Blacktail.

How to get to Rebel

Rebel is the first main boss that you will fight in the Path of Light. After you have talked to Knight in the Canyons, you need to go to Rebel to grab the Powder for explosives in order to defeat the Dragon. The boss location will be on the Northeast of the Canyons and you can get there by getting out of the canyons and following the road ahead. You will cross a bridge with an old ritual statue on the side. After crossing the bridge, you will enter a cave on the left side where you will fight Rebel.

Defeating Rebel

Rebel is a Mushroom Creature who will be defending his explosives and by seeing you, he will realize that Knight sent you for his explosives. The boss fight will start after the conversation and Rebel has the ability to move under the ground. He will be moving from one place to another under the ground to catch you off guard. But you will be able to know his next location by seeing the floating dirt on the ground. He will come up to the ground after a couple of seconds so be ready to shoot a charged shot at him when he comes up.

He will also try to go aggressive on you by jumping on to you. If you get hit by this attack, you will lose a full heart so try to dodge this attack by using the Dashing ability. He will spawn a dark creature along with poisonous small mushrooms as well in the arena. The Dark Creature will not die easily so try to focus on Rebel and the small mushrooms. Taking out Rebel will automatically kill the Dark Creature. The small mushrooms will spit out the poison that can be harmful to you because you can get sick. Shoot them from a distance to take them out.

Rebel will also try to strike you with his Axe which is stuck on his mushroom head. He will swing in a position to try to catch you in the attack so it is best for you to stay at a distance from him. Dodging this attack will stun Rebel for a moment and you will get to hit him a couple of times with the charged shots. Keep shooting at Rebel with the arrows and whenever you get out of arrows, immediately craft them. Try to trace Rebel’s positioning to land a charged shot every time he comes out of the ground to deal great damage.

Since Rebel does not have much health, you will defeat him in a couple of minutes with the charged shots.

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