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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Very Sleepy Stitch – Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Very Sleepy Stitch – Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new major update has new characters from the Pixar universe and the Disney Universe and players will be able to complete their main questlines as they level up their Friendship level with the characters. One of the early quests of Stitch in the game is “Very Sleepy Stitch” which you need to complete in order to complete his questline story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Very Sleepy Stitch quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Quest

Very Sleepy Stich is the second quest of Stitch that players will need to complete in order to progress further with him. This quest will require players to level up Friendship with Stitch up to level 4 along with other requirements. Players should have unlocked Remy’s character, unlocked the Glade of Trust biome, and progressed further with WALL-E. However, completing these requirements will not trigger the quest to start, you will have to find a hidden requirement to start the quest. The hidden requirement is a Coffee Cup that can be found near WALL-E’s Garden in Peaceful Meadow.

Go and find the Coffee Cup in the Garden to start the quest. The Cup will be shining on the ground so, you will not find it hard to discover it.

Completing Very Sleepy Stitch – Quest

Once the quest is started, you need to talk to WALL-E and ask him who did the mess near the garden. After talking to WALL-E, find Stitch. Open the map to see where Stitch is and then go talk to him. He will be being Sleepy and he will give you Dried-Out Coffee Sapling. You will have to bring this Sapling to WALL-E and he will tell you to gather the following materials to plant the Coffee Sapling.

  • 25x Pebbles
  • 25x Clay
  • 1x Sack

Pebbles and Clay are gathered by digging through the ground with a Shovel. The best place to get Clay and Pebbles is either the Glade of Trust biome or the Sunlit Plateau biome. Just dig the ground to get the required number of Pebbles and Clay. The sack is crafted with 15x Fiber and 5 Soil so craft it at any crafting station. After getting all the materials and crafting the Sack, go and talk to WALL-E. He will give you back the Coffee Sapling but in much greater condition. After the conversation, go to the Crafting Station and craft the Coffee Sapling. Select the Functional Items tab to craft the Coffee Sapling with the gathered materials.

Once you have crafted the Coffee Sapling, go to the Glade of Trust biome and plant the Sapling by digging the ground and placing the sapling. Water the planted Sapling with the Watering Can and it will take 40 minutes before it grew completely but if you put Elixir on your watering Can then it will grow instantly and you will be able to harvest the Coffee Beans. After harvesting the Coffee Beans, go to the Cooking Station and make Coffee by putting in the Coffee Beans for Stitch.

Open the map and find Stitch, go to him and give him the Coffee so he can feel better, and it will also conclude the Very Sleepy Stitch quest.

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