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House of Da Vinci 3: How to Fix Oculus Perpetua – Puzzle



House of Da Vinci 3: How to Fix Oculus Perpetua - Puzzle

House of Da Vinci 3 is an Indie Game filled with different types of Puzzles. Puzzles in House of Da Vinci 3 are very mind-bending and also require backtracking so, players might find them hard to solve. However, in the first chapter of the game, there is only one main puzzle in which you have to fix your broken Oculus Perpetua.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can Fix Oculus Perpetua in House of Da Vinci 3.

Finding All Oculus Perpetua’s Parts

At the start of the game, you will be hunted by the enemies, and to escape the enemies, you will use the Oculus Perpetua which will be shot to pieces and its parts will spread in the room while teleporting. After teleportation, you will have to find all Parts of Oculus and fix them.

Finding All Oculus Perpetua’s Parts

As you get control, you have to interact with the Statue to get the key to the door. Use the Key on the door to unlock it and you will see parts of Oculus spread in the hallway. You can get all the parts by following the following steps.

  • Select the lever on the left side and pull it down. It will only get to the second level and it will move the Chandelier. However, the lever will break from which you will get the Lever Socket.
  • Select ahead in the hallway to see a door on the right side. Click on the door and select the rod wrapped in a rope to get the Metal Shaft.
  • Select the Metal Shaft and move the Lever socket on Metal Shaft to make it a Lever.
  • Go back to the switch and place the lever on the switch. Pull down the lever to move the Chandelier even further and it will drop down another part of Oculus Perpetua.
  • Pick up the Damage Oculus Perpetua part and go to the start. You will see a mechanism on the wall.
  • Use the upper lever to release a rope and then move the rope to attach with Chandelier.
  • Now, use the lower lever to pull the Chandelier back and then use the upper Lever to release the Chandelier toward the Statue.
  • Repeat until the Chandelier breaks and then interact with the statue to get to the other side of the wall.
  • You will see a machine in which you will be able to fix the Oculus by putting all the parts. Select the table to pick up the book and a Screwdriver.
  • Pick up the Oculus Lens on the right side of the table.
  • Go outside again and through the opened door into the hallway. Select the mechanism on the right side and use the Screwdriver to unscrew the Bent Rail.
  • Go back into the other room and use the machine to fix it. Interact with the machine and change the base to a rectangle and then use the lever on the left side of the table to apply pressure on the rail to fix it.
  • Now, go back and place the Rail back and use the lever of the mechanism to lower the candle and it will drop Bent Cogwheel and Incomplete Oculus Cover.
  • Go back into the machine room and use the machine to fix the Cogwheel. Select the circular base and then apply the pressure to fix the cogwheel.

Fixing Oculus Perpetua

After finding all parts of Broken Oculus Perpetua, go into the room and use the Oculus machine on the right side of the table by turning the key. It will drop an Oculus onto the side and then place all broken parts of Oculus in the machine one by one. The machine will intact them correctly and don’t forget to place the lens as well.

Fixing Oculus Perpetua

Once the Oculus Perpetua is fixed, you will be able to get out of the Catacombs.

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