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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Finizen into Palafin



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Finizen into Palafin

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokemon in the game and all of them can be evolved into a new shape by fulfilling the specific requirement. Different Species require different types of requirements. Some species require specific Battle Items, some require a specific Level, some require a specific Friendship level, and some can be evolved by trading as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Evolve Finizen into Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finding Finizen

Finizen is a Water-Type Pokemon that can only be found in the Eastern side of the Paldea region. You will have to make your way past the East Province (Area One) and head down the beach. Finizen looks like a blue dolphin that will be swimming in the water. You need to get close to Finizen and start the Manual fight from a distance.

Once the fight begins, damage Finizen to low HP and then throw out the Poke Ball to catch it. Try not to Kill FInizen by dealing more damage otherwise, you will have to look for another one. After getting the Finizen, it will be added to the Pokedex.

Evolving Finizen into Palafin

After getting Finizen, you will have to level up Finizen to the end of level 37. Finizen is a level 20 Pokemon so, it will not take long to level him up to level 37. Complete fight Finizen and give different sorts of consumables to Finizen to level him up quickly. Once you have leveled-up Finizen to the end of Level 37, you will need to go into the Co-op mode of the game because Finizen will only evolve when some other player is looking at him.

To go into the Co-Op mode, make sure that you have enabled Online and then you need to go to any Pokemon Center. If you go to the left side of the Pokemon Center, you will see a Yellow Circle. The Yellow Circle is a Union Circle through which you will get a Code through which you can add up to three other players to your party. You need to send the code to your friends or if you have joined any Pokemon community, send it there and wait for people to join the party. You only need 1 player with you. Once he has joined your party, you need to give Finizen a Rare Candy or a Large XP Candy to increase its level to 38 in the other player’s presence.

By doing this, Finizen will go through the evolvement session in which he will evolve into Palafin. However, the only difference that you will see between Finizen and Palafin is only a Heart tatted on the body of Palafin. But you can also change for, Palafin by sending him into the battle and then calling him back again. After that, you need to send Palafin back again in the battle on the next move and he will change his form but the moves will remain the same.

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