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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk – Where to Find Exeggcute & Evolve it into Exeggutor



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Exeggcute and evolve it into Exeggutor

Exeggcute is one of the new and returning Pokémon to the Scarlet and Violet version in the latest DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. The DLC is divided into two parts each one offering a new world for exploration and unraveling their mysteries.

Exeggcute is a part of The Indigo Disk which is the second part of the DLC which brings players to a land named Terrarium to visit the Blueberry Academy. Here, players will get to explore four different biomes of Terrarium and catch all new and returning Pokémon from which one of them is Exeggcute.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Exeggcute and how to evolve it into Exeggutor in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC.

Where to Find Exeggcute in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk

Exeggcute is a Grass/Psychic-type Pokémon that can be found east of the Savanna Plaza in the Savanna biome. The Savanna biome is located on the southeast side of the Terrarium world map. Upon reaching this biome and the Savanna Plaza, continue on the east side to come across a pond where you will get to find several Exeggcute Pokémon.

Go near any one of the Exeggcute Pokémon and use the Quick Ball or Great Ball to catch the Exeggcute Pokémon without fighting it. If it resists the catch, use a low-level Pokémon and do a standard attack to lower Exeggcute’s HP and then throw any Poke Ball to successfully catch it.

How to Evolve Exeggcute into Exeggutor in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC

The Exeggcute is evolved into Exeggutor by using the Leaf Stone on Exeggcute Pokémon. Once you have caught the Exeggcute Pokémon, open the bag and browse the items to find the Leaf Stone. Select the Leaf Stone and then select the ‘Use the item’ option to use it on Exeggcute.

Upon using the Leaf Stone on Exeggcute, it will evolve into Exeggutor. Keep in mind that it will not evolve into an Alolan Exeggutor but a regular Exeggutor. For you to get an Alolan Exeggutor, you will have to find it in one of the biomes of Terrarium.

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