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House of Da Vinci 3: Where to Use Wooden Plate with Protrusions



House of Da Vinci 3: Where to Use Wooden Plate with Protrusions

House of Da Vinci 3 is one of the classical Puzzle Games in which you get to solve many mind-bending puzzles. As solving the puzzles will open secret doors or get you another item that might be used later in the game. One of the items that you will find in the Villa is Wooden Plate with Protrusions.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can use Wooden Plate with Protrusions in House of Da Vinci 3.

Finding Wooden Plate with Protrusions

Wooden Plate with Protrusions can be found by solving the Cart Track puzzle in one of the rooms in the Villa. When you enter the Villa, you will get to open the room by ramming the Cart on the door. Once you go inside the room, you will get to solve a couple of puzzles to get the Cross-Shaped Key. Once you have got the Cross-Shaped Key, follow the steps to get a Wooden Plate with Protrusions.

  • Use the Cross-Shaped Key at the desk and then use the cogs to move the pages.
  • Once you get to the last pages, arrows will come down on the pages and you will have to use the Oculus Perpetua to view the lines on the pages.
  • Place the arrows according to the lines shown by the Oculus to open a secret compartment to get Belfry Model.
  • Now, place the Belfrey Model on the Cart Track and move it behind to reveal the Wooden Plate with Protrusions.

After getting the Wooden Plate, interact with the Belfry Model to get the Bell and then rotate the Bell to get the small key that can be used on the cart model.

Using a Wooden Plate with Protrusions

After finding the Wooden Plate with Protrusions, you would have unlocked the door to the garden. Go outside of the room and go to the right side of the garden. Go to the wall in front and you will see a cage in which a lion statue is placed. You need to put the Wooden Plate with Protrusions on the cage’s lock and then rotate it to move the sides of the cage.

Once the cage is opened take the lion to store it in your inventory. You will be able to use the lion to go up the stairs of the Villa to solve some more puzzles.

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