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New weather patterns maybe coming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Dataminers have found changes to the weather in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have been released as a new member of the popular series, but a year after its release, it may be more like a design toolbox than a video game. Once the game is over through a series of challenges aimed at turning the main island into a prosperous city, players have no choice but to decorate their hiding place.

The game still has countless players and dedicated communities, but players desperately need new content. US President Doug Bowser’s Nintendo promises that there will be new cross-border animals, but it is unknown when.

Well, today we have good news for you that comes from Dataminers. According to them, they have found details related to weather.

This is the information shared:

  • Nintendo appears to have added a total of 5 new weather patterns to add to the infinite variety of patterns present in the game, which makes it difficult to find any two patterns the same between different players.
  • These patterns seem to mean that it is now more likely to rain on our islands.
  • It is unknown what this is due to, but many have been speculating that it could be related to the arrival of the gyroids: as you know, these objects appeared after days of rain.
  • In addition, this could also be related to Brewster’s Café, which dataminers have previously found references to. Remember that Figaro is a fan of gyroids, as we have seen in previous games.
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