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Players report all kinds of bugs in Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch



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We bring an interesting compilation starring one of the most anticipated titles by Nintendo Switch players. It is specifically Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

In this case, we have been able to learn information related to the technical performance of the game, which seems to be producing numerous errors for some users. Others, on the contrary, affirm that they have not experienced serious errors when playing it.

Many clips have gone viral on social networks, like the one we are leaving below. It shows very serious technical errors that seem to be happening to some players. It is unknown what the necessary circumstances are for them to appear, but the issue has generated a great debate and controversy in social networks, to which reports have been added that in reality many of these failures are not real and have been produced with external tools.

We also played the title for more than 11 hours to offer you the analysis and no error appeared like the one shown in the message above. The same has been shared by other news media such as Nintendo Life, which mention that they have not found those errors either. Finally, other users who already have the game also share that they have not experienced similar technical problems, so what causes them to play is unknown.

The title has a launch update that, in our case, we already applied to the title as soon as the console detected it. However, it is unknown for now if it solves errors such as ones that went viral, so we will have to be attentive to more details.

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