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Halo Infinite has changed the radar following the suggestions of players



Halo Infinite changed the radar following player suggestions

343 Industries has decided to change the way Halo Infinite ‘s radar works , following the suggestions of players who have had the opportunity to try the shooter coming to PC and Xbox in December. Via the Halo Waypoint website, the development team explained the situation.

“The Combat Sensor , or radar, found at the bottom left of the HUD, followed a different set of rules than previous Halo titles,” the team explained. “It only showed enemies when they sprinted or fired, which was more in line with Halo 5’s ‘Threat Tracker’. We knew this implementation would create a different feeling, and maybe it would also be perceived as a bit controversial, and it’s that’s why we wanted to get feedback on it as soon as possible in the Tech Preview. “

“While some enjoyed Halo Infinite’s new approach, we found that most players felt the old features were missing in matches,” the team explained. “We’ve updated the radar to make it more like the ‘Motion Tracker’ of yesteryear, showing all movements except crouch walking, and it should be ready for players to test in the next test. Be sure to keep an eye on it and let us know how it goes!”

So 343 Industries is listening to the fans and making sure everything is working perfectly. There are certainly a lot of gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on the game and one of them is Cory Barlog, creator of God of War, who bought an Xbox Series X to play Halo Infinite.

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