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Dead by Daylight: How to Get Blood Points Fast – Best Methods



Dead by Daylight: How to Get Blood Points Fast - Best Methods

The blood spots ( blood points ) are one of the main currencies of Dead by Daylight. This currency is directly related to the general progression of the characters we unlock and is used to improve them by buying new skills in the Blood Network, which makes the characters more useful in-game and also levels up.

Blood points are mainly obtained by playing DbD, but there are different methods that will make us earn them more effectively. For all this, next in this entry of our guide we are going to show you what are the best methods to get many blood points quickly in your account.

Categories for which blood points are earned

As we said in the introduction, blood points are earned mainly by playing the game Dead by Daylight, and these points are obtained based on the results you achieve and the actions taken in the game itself. Depending on which side you play on, blood points are earned based on your performance in various categories (4 for Survivors and 4 for Assassins).

Keep in mind, of course, that all categories have a limit of 8,000 blood points maximum per game (an audible signal is played when you reach that threshold). Come on, the better you play, the more blood points you will earn at the end of the game.

Survivor categories

The survivors earn points at the end of blood headings according to these categories:

  • Survival: to stay alive longer.
  • Objectives: to repair generators and contribute to the escape.
  • Audacity: for interactions related to the killer and his objects.
  • Altruism: for helping fellow survivors.

Killer Categories

The murderers earn points at the end of blood headings according to these categories:

  • Brutality: for injuring survivors and destroying objects.
  • Hunting: to find, chase and catch the survivors.
  • Malice: for wisely harnessing your powers.
  • Sacrifice: for fulfilling your main objective of hanging the survivors on hooks.

Tips to earn more blood points in your games

The first important piece of advice to know if you want to increase your blood point gains is to always dedicate yourself to playing the role of the assassin rather than the survivor side. We tell you this because the assassins always get many more blood points at the end of the games, so it is easier to win them with these characters.

You can choose any assassin that you like, although it is best to always play with the one with the most practice you have and the one that you handle the best, so you will focus on increasing your level, getting stronger and, in the long run, you will earn more points. of blood for your results.

To earn more points in your games, keep the following in mind :

  • Don’t kill the survivors quickly – harass them, chase them and hurt them. Hook them up and let them loosen. The more chases and hooks you do, the more points you will earn.
  • Destroy everything you find: from generators to pallets, break everything that the survivors can use to their advantage so that they have the least amount of resources possible.
  • Use your power regularly: every time you use it you gain blood points, and on top of it they are some of the best things you can do with assassins, so it’s a two for one.
  • Finish all your games: make sure you finish your games to avoid penalties and also earn blood points that are only obtained by finishing.

Still, there are several assassins that have skills or builds that you can create for them to earn many more blood points. We will talk about that later in this guide.

Complete the daily rituals

The daily rituals are a great way to earn many points of blood quickly and often. You can consult them from the main menu of the game (and every day that there are new ones, the game itself will show them to you when you enter).

  • Keep in mind that every day there is a new daily ritual available, for a maximum of up to 3 assets at the same time.
  • Completing these rituals will always earn you large amounts of blood points.
  • The objectives of the daily rituals are usually more or less simple tasks that you can complete while playing (for example killing a survivor by playing with a specific assassin, chasing survivors for a certain number of seconds, etc.).
  • Remember that if you don’t like one of the daily rituals, you can delete it to replace it with a different one.

If you are looking for a method to get a lot of blood points quickly, you should never forget the daily rituals. Trust us, because completing just one of these can give you 30,000, 45,000, 60,000, or more blood points at once. In the blink of an eye, you will be puffed up!

Play with skills that grant more blood points

In case you don’t know, there are certain character abilities that can earn you more blood points easily, whether you’re playing as a survivor or an assassin.

Obviously, in the beginning, some of these skills will be exclusive to their corresponding characters, but if you level them up and unlock them, you can teach them to the rest of the characters in the Blood Network to also play with others and still continue to take advantage of their bonuses.

Best build to earn blood points

If you are looking for a build that will earn you many more blood points, these are the best skills that grant bonuses to obtaining points and that we recommend you equip on your assassin:

  • Barbecue and Chili ( The Cannibal Ability ): Every time you hang a Survivor for the first time, you get a cumulative blood point multiplier of 25% up to a maximum of 50/75/100%.
  • Restlessness (General Assassin Skill): Your terror radius is increased by 26%. You get an additional 100% blood points in the Malice category.
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt (General Assassin Skill): You get a token for each quenched or hex totem left on the map. Each badge earns you 10% more blood points for actions in the Hunt category.
  • Beast of Prey ( The Huntress Ability ): Gain an extra 50% blood points with actions of the Hunting category.

Use offerings to maximize your blood points

As with the skills mentioned above, there are several offerings in Dead by Daylight that we can equip on our character when playing games to earn many more blood points. Usually, these offerings affect only you, but some can even be beneficial to multiple players at the same time.

Some of the offerings that improve the obtaining of blood points are the following:

  • Swamp Laurel Sachet
  • Sachet with Amaranth
  • Bag with Spring Flowers
  • Sachet with minutisa
  • About Tied
  • Cake: Run away!
  • Tanager Wreath
  • Raven Garland
  • Spotted Owl Wreath
  • Shrike Wreath
  • Hollow Shell
  • Bloody Party Streamers

We recommend that you always take an in-depth look at the offerings available before playing a game to choose the ones that may interest you the most.

Earn blood points with promo codes

If it comes to earning blood points easily, then we can’t forget about the method related to Dead by Daylight promo codes. And is that sometimes there are codes available and active that players can redeem to instantly get a lot of blood points without having to do anything.

We recommend that you pay attention to these codes often so as not to miss the opportunity to redeem them in time, since they usually have a validity period.

Get blood points for logins and special events

Don’t forget that on special occasions Dead by Daylight gives away a ton of Blood Points to its players simply for logging in during prominent periods of the year. When does this happen? Well, it is difficult to give specific dates, but it has happened sometimes because of notable events like Halloween. So what we recommend is that you be attentive to these events by following the game’s social networks and browsing the latest news so as not to miss any opportunity.

Blood point limit

Finally, it should be added that there is a limit to the number of blood points that a player can accumulate in his account. Blood points have a maximum limit of 1,000,000, so beyond that amount, you will not be able to accumulate more points and you will have to spend some of what you have in order to continue obtaining them.

The only exception to going over this blood point limit is if you earn them through special coupon code bonuses, login rewards, or other methods that are counted separately.

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