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Where to find all Lost Judgment discs



Where to find all Lost Judgment discs

In Lost Judgment 11 songs are hidden on vinyl records that you can play in the Yagami Detective Agency or in Yokohama 99. These are their locations.

Lost Judgment is one of the most extensive and immersive video games of recent times, which you can enjoy from September 24 on PlayStation and Xbox.

Takayuki Yagama’s detective story will keep you in control for many hours of gameplay, but fortunately, there are few moments of rest in its dark plot.

We are talking, of course, about the Lost Judgment collectibles. Do you like music? Then surely you have heard of vinyl records, which we can play on our turntable.

If you want to complete the Sega game 100% and you don’t know how to find them, here you go: Where to find all the Lost Judgment discs.

Where to find all Lost Judgment discs

As in any good suspense story, in Lost Judgment, we will have to find clues and collectibles in each setting. It’s part of the magic of the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio title.

Specifically, there are a total of 11 vinyl records spread across the map. If you find them, you will be happy to know that you can reproduce them. Where? We tell you.

Each vinyl record hides a song, and to play them you have to go to the record player in the detective agency. Or, failing that, there is another one in Yokohama 99 (in Ijincho).

If you manage to find all 11 discs, you will get the ” Sweet Jams ” trophy/achievement, as well as helping to complete the game 100%. Here you will know the location of each of them.

It is not easy to find them all. Some are hidden in different sections of the story, others can be bought in stores, and even The Gauntlet.

These are all the albums, their respective songs, and where to find them in Lost Judgment:

  • Opening: it is obtained automatically when starting the game.
  • Random Fire – Befriend the Gray Cat in Ijincho Chinatown (unlocked by completing The Forbidden Taste case).
  • Let’s Dance! : Can be purchased for 3,500 yen at Ebisu Pawn Yokohama.
  • My Own Way : Awarded for completing the squirrel quest near the ” chatte Blanche ” on Daikokuten St.
  • Inharmonic – Unlocked by completing the squirrel quest south of Ebisu Pawn in Nakamichi Alley.
  • Emerald – Can be purchased for 5,530 yen at Benten Pawn
  • Long Drill on the Beach – Can be purchased for 4,480 yen at Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho
  • Girls – Can be purchased for 6,300 yen at Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho
  • Yagami Detective Agency – Can be obtained as a prize in the parking lot next to S Sakura River St. while taking Detective Dog for a walk (to enable this in the free roam, interact with the dog at Yokohama 99 and hang out with him, instead of using the gadget menu)
  • All’s Well That Ends Well: Awarded for completing the main story. Head to Yokohama 99 and retrieve it from the item box by the door (after you’ve taken the elevator to the office, not on the street)
  • Faster Than Lighting: It consists of the following steps.
  1. Awarded for completing the Ijincho Sprint challenge in The Gauntlet, which is an additional mode accessed through the main menu.
  2. Be sure to use the tree trunk leg sage that is in your inventory. This will increase your speed and reduce the negative state that Yagami enters when he runs into an obstacle.
  3. Be very careful with the obstacles: there is a soccer ball after jumping over the cars and dodging the floor signs, and another one on the bridge ahead.
  4. Be attentive to the indications of obstacles and collect the water bottles to regain health, until completing the route.

If you have followed the instructions in each step, you will already have the 11 vinyl records of Lost Judgment. You have to spend an afternoon of music in the Ryu ga Gotoku game, and you will also have the corresponding achievement.

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