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Poppy Playtime: How To Escape Huggy Wuggy And Defeat Him



Poppy Playtime: How To Escape Huggy Wuggy And Defeat Him

Poppy Playtime features no major threats throughout Chapter 1 – A Tight Squeeze. In fact, nothing can kill you, at least until you get to the end of the chapter, when Huggy, the giant blue monster, appears. If it hits you, it will kill you instantly. Here we will show you how to escape from him and defeat him .

When does Huggy Wuggy appear?

The monster will appear after opening the door to the Make a friend room, after solving the puzzle in the room and using the toy to open the door. As you go across the hall, Huggy will appear to finish you off.

How to escape Huggy Wuggy and defeat him

Start by turning around as soon as the monster appears and look to the right. There is an open gate at the end of the conveyor belt that you must cross.

Go ahead and drop down the slope. You must keep moving forward, by the only possible path until you see a detour to the right (there is a graffiti where it says “Danger”) where you must go. Be careful because Huggy will appear in front of you, you must move with speed.

Continue down the hall and keep an eye on the left wall. When you see in front of you an upward ramp, to the left there will be a hallway with another one painted where it says “NO” and a downward slope, run through there and you will fall through a hole.

Run without deviating, none of the turns is good, until you fall down another slope. When you go through a few broken parts of the belt, you must go right, until the next turn where it says “Danger”: go that way.

Now we must go straight on, without deviating at any time. There will come a point where you will pass graffiti on the left wall where it says “STOP”. Don’t stop, but it’s the sign we’re looking for. Shortly after, at the end of the hall, you will see a light. When you arrive, look to the left and you will see a hatch to duck through.

Keep going until you reach a crossroads and go right. You will see that you come to a dead-end, with a door just like the one you entered through. Don’t be scared, the monster will appear when you try to run away but the door will open. Go around, sprinting down the conveyor belt, until you fall onto a catwalk where there seems to be no exit. Turn around, look up and you will see a box with colored handprints.

You have to shoot both hands and throw to knock down the box, which will completely eliminate the threat of the giant monster … at least for now.

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