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Dead Space Remake: How to Upgrade Weapons



Dead Space: How to Upgrade Weapons

Dead Space is one of the best action horror games out there and its official Remake is out now which will let players take out Necromorphs in different styles. There are a lot of different items as well as weapons that players will find throughout their gameplay. All weapons can be used to take down Necromorphs in some way but players will have to upgrade them from time to time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade weapons in Dead Space Remake.

All Weapons in Dead Space Remake

Players will find different types of weapons during the main story progression of the game. All of the weapons can be used to take down the enemies and you can use your suit’s abilities as well with the weapons to take down the Necromorphs in style. The weapons that you will find in the Dead Space are the following.

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Ripper
  • Flamethrower
  • Contact Beam
  • Line Gun
  • Force Gun

Upgrading Weapons

All the weapons can be upgraded to enhance the stats of the gun and increase the damage output as well as speed. Upgrading your weapons throughout the game will help you take out a high number of enemies with ease. All the weapons can be upgraded in two different ways.

  • Go to the Bench and use the Nodes to upgrade the Stats of your Weapons.
  • Find the schematics of the weapons and then bring them to the Store. The Store will let you buy the actual schematic of that weapon and it will be applied to your weapon.

Both of the upgrading ways work fine but finding the schematics of the guns is a bit difficult because they are all random and usually, they can be found inside a lock named “Master Override” which requires an additional side quest to be completed to unlock.

On the other side, finding the Nodes are pretty easy and you can also buy them from the store as well for 10,000 Credits. If you have obtained some Nodes or bought them, stop by the Bench and upgrade your weapons by selecting the point of the Stat you want to enhance.

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