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Deliver Us Mars: How to Fix the Thrusters



Deliver Us Mars: How to Fix the Thrusters

Deliver Us Mars has many different puzzles that will test you but some of them are very complicated as well. In the Second Chapter, you will get to fix the thruster of your ship by going out there in space.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fix the Thrusters in Deliver Us Mars.

Fixing the Thruster

Go outside of the Cockpit and go to the left to enter the airlock. Press the button and you will get out of the space. You need to go back to the rocket to look at the thrusters. Press the R button to turn on the Flashlight and go behind the right thruster.

You will see huge debris stuck inside the thruster. Check the base of the thruster, pipe around the thruster, check the power, and check the yellow fuel cannisters.

After doing all of that, you need to open the yellow hatch on the side of the power battery and pull the white lever to shut off the power for the thrusters. Now, you need to use your laser to cut off the debris from the thrusters. Cut on the yellow shining spots to cut off all debris.

Turning the Power Back On

After that, you need to open the hatch again and only turn the needles under the Red Lights. Now, pull the yellow lever on the side and press the 5 switches in the following order: 2-4-5-1-3. Lastly, pull down the White Lever to turn on the power to the thrusters.

Turning the Power Back On

After that, return to the ship by going inside the airlock.

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