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Destiny 2: Details on the new expansion and the crossover with Halo thanks to a leak



Destiny 2: details on the new expansion and the crossover with Halo thanks to a leak

Tomorrow Bungie will finally reveal the news regarding The Queen of Whispers, the new expected expansion of Destiny 2 . In the meantime, however, a leak may have revealed numerous details about the DLC and the much talked about crossover event with Halo.

The leak, which appeared first on the RaidSecrets Discord and later on Reddit, reveals that The Queen of Whispers will introduce a new type of weapon (about which, however, no details are known), new ways to craft weapons, and some details on the plot. So watch out, that from here on there will be spoilers.

“The Darkness returns to Sol, revealing itself as a powerful tool for the Guardians. The beliefs of humanity are shaken by new discoveries about the Light, the Traveler, the Darkness, and the Entity behind the Pyramids, The Witness. “The Witness”, but we await the official translation of Bungie). Destiny’s final enemy has been revealed, “reads the description of the plot reported in the aforementioned leak.

Also according to the information that emerged with the indiscretion, it states that Bungie is already working on Lightfall, the next expansion of Destiny 2, and that the game will arrive on the Epic Games Store by the end of the year. As for the raids, Bungie would seem willing to revive some classics from the previous chapter, including Mechanical Fury and The Fall of a King.

Furthermore, according to the leak, the crossover between Destiny 2 and Halo will take place in December to celebrate Bungie’s thirtieth anniversary. All apparently will take place on the ring planet of the first chapter of the series and will have themed content, including a set for each of the Destiny 2 classes, two missions, and four weapons.

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