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Destiny 2: How to Catch Fish



catch fish in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s new update Season of the Deep has a number of new features in the game and one of the most unexpected features is a new Activity none other than Fishing. Yes, you can now do the fishing activity in Destiny 2 to earn rewards. Fishing will take place at certain pond locations that players will have to find and then fish at those points.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Catch Fish in Destiny 2.

How to Catch Fish in Destiny 2

The mechanic of catching Fish is relatively easier than the other fishing simulator games because it is a Looter-Shooter game and there is no need to make a simple mechanic hard for the players. But it is a very interesting thing in a game like this and even the new players will find it very easy to complete this activity. In order to unlock the Fishing Activity, you will have to complete the starting seasonal questline. It will take you around 40 – 45 minutes. Once you have unlocked the quest named “Gone Fishin’”, you will get to take part in fishing activity. You can catch fish in Destiny 2 by following these simple rules.

  • Once you are at any Pond Location active on the map, you need to use your new ability to catch the fish.
  • While at the pond, you just need to press the interaction key depending on which platform are you on and it will cast the fishing line in the water.
  • Now, you will have to wait for the fish to latch on the line and wait for the prompt on the screen.
  • When the prompt appears, you need to press the interaction button again to catch the fish.

However, the rarity of the fish will matter on how fast you reacted on pulling the line. It will not give you epic or exotic fish every time with a perfect catch but you will still get Green and Blue Fish every time. Once the fish is out, you just simply need to go near it to pick it up.

How to Get Bait in Destiny 2

The higher rarity fish requires bait and while doing the quest, you will be required to get bait. You can get bait by doing playlist activities, Deep Dives, public events, or Salvages which is a new activity in Season of the Deep update. All of these activities will grant you a number of Baits that you can use on your first-time fishing or later.

Once you have the Bait, your character will automatically use them when you stand on the dock. The number of Baits that you hold can be seen on the screen when you cast the fishing line. If you do a Perfect Catch with Bait, there is a high chance of catching an Epic or Exotic Fish. You still can fish without the Bait but you will only catch Green Rarity fish from it.

Destiny 2: How to Catch Fish

Once you have caught the fish of any rarity, you can return to HELM and throw the fish into the Aquarium to get rewards. Keep in mind, the more-rare fish you deliver to the Aquarium, the more-rare items you will get.

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