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Destiny 2: How to Get Rain of Fire – Exotic Leg Armor



Destiny 2 - Rain of Fire

Building up your Guardian with all the Exotic Armor pieces and Weapons should be one of your top priorities in Destiny 2 as seasonal and exotic raids will require some strong builds to complete them. There are several aspects to creating a build for your preferred class guardian but if you are running a Warlock then you should consider getting your hands on Rain of Fire. Rain of Fire is an Exotic Leg Armor for the Warlock class that provides significant bonuses to fusion rifles while airborne.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Rain of Fire in Destiny 2.

How to Get Rain of Fire in Destiny 2

To obtain the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2, you must engage in a Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty. Since there’s no guarantee for exotics, you might need to run Lost Sectors multiple times to secure it. Keep in mind that the specific Lost Sector offering the Rain of Fire isn’t fixed, so you’ll need to identify one currently featuring this exotic drop. Additionally, completing the Lost Sector must be done solo, you can’t enlist your Fireteam to expedite the process.

Fortunately, acquiring the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2 shouldn’t pose too formidable a challenge. As long as you’re ready to tackle any Lost Sector alone, be it on Legend or Master difficulty, persistence across several attempts should lead to success. Make sure to check daily which Lost Sector is offering the Rain of Fire so, that you can complete it on either difficulty.

Legend is the easier one than Master but it also has a low drop rate of Rain of Fire so, it is best to try completing the Lost Sector on Master difficulty and upon defeating the final boss, take the key to open the Lost Sector Chest to retrieve your reward.

Rain of Fire Perk in Destiny 2

Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor offers the Soaring Fusilier perk which has three different bonuses.

  • Auto-Reload: Employing Icarus Dash triggers a reload for all your currently equipped weapons.
  • Enhanced Aerial Efficiency: The effectiveness of your fusion rifles is heightened when discharged while airborne.
  • Radiance Accumulation: Achieving final blows with fusion rifles grants a brief Radiant state for a few seconds.

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