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Destiny 2: How to Open Secret Chests in The Coil Seasonal Activity



Destiny 2: Unlock Secret Chests in The Coil

The Coil is one of the core Seasonal Activities in the final season of Destiny 2, the Season of the Wish which is basically a longer version of Riven’s Lair activity. Both of these activities are the core seasonal activities in the game which will provide you with all the new Season of the Wish weapons, armor, and rewards depending on the rating you get at the end. However, the Coil activity in particular has hidden chests scattered around the paths that you choose to pursue the activity and these chests have a guaranteed drop of Dreaming City weapon along with another piece of seasonal loot.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to open these secret chests in the Coil Seasonal Activity in Destiny 2.

How to Open the Secret Chests in The Coil Seasonal Activity

The criteria to open these Secret/Hidden Chests in the Coil is different from the normal chests as they will be locked behind a hidden door which will require you to score higher in the activity. Every hidden door on the pathway will require a higher score and include 2 chests in total of which one of them will be fake and has a Spike Trap beneath it. Choosing to open the chest with a spike trap beneath it will instantly kill you so, be patient and see which one is the real chest to get the loot.

Speaking of getting the loot, the term ‘requires a higher score’ refers to getting more points by collecting the Clear and Red Shards throughout The Coil. As you progress through the Coil, you will come to find shining vases/jugs hidden around. Breaking these jugs will give you 1,000 – 2,000 Clear Shards. Each Clear Shard is worth 100 and as you collect them while progressing, these will add up to the actual score which is required to open the door. Additionally, the Red Shards are earned by killing the enemies with the Yellow Health Bar and each Red Shard is worth 500. Both killing the enemies and breaking the jugs will get you thousands of points in the activity resulting in access to the door with the secret chests.

Once you have earned enough points for the door, a message will pop up on the bottom left corner of the screen hinting at an opening of a chest in the area. Now, explore the current pathway to find the opened door with two chests inside it. Before opening the chest, look at the bottom of the chest to see if there are any holes in the ground. If a chest has holes beneath it, it means it is the fake one and you need to open the other chest in the room to secure the loot.

All the pathways in The Coil activity will have a hidden door with a secret chest so, make sure that you are earning all the shards to add them to the total score to acquire the loot from the chests. At the end of the activity, if you manage to hit a Platinum Rating, a portal will open which will take you to a hidden room filled with similar chests that will give you various seasonal loot and consumables including Lair Keys

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