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The Exit 8 Complete Game Walkthrough



The Exit 8 walkthrough

The Exit 8 is a psychological horror game in which you find your character trapped inside a subway hall from where you have to find the exit. Although the signs in the hallway do guide you toward the exit but the path never ends or puts you back to the beginning after facing an anomaly. Getting out of the subway requires a lot of focus in The Exit 8 and knowing your way around the anomalies can get you to the staircase leading to the exit either in a few minutes or hours.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the walkthrough for The Exit 8 and highlighting all the things you need to focus on to make a successful escape.

The Exit 8 Walkthrough

You will start in the hallway with a series of posters on the left side, three doors, and two ventilations on the right side with a man coming toward you in the hallway. This very hallway/room is the perfect and required condition for you to escape and that is why you must remember each of the contents in this very hallway. Remember all the posters and how they look, remember all the doors, etc. If you look up on the ceiling, the sign will say ‘Exit’ with the number ‘8’ and if you go ahead in the hallway, you will find a yellow poster with a 0 or 1 number.

For you to escape, this very poster should have the number ‘8’ on it as well as the final poster beside the staircase in the end along with all the same content as the first hallway. Now, that you have understand what to look for, continue down the path to start finding the correct path to exit.

Follow the steps below to avoid anomalies and find the exit.


If you come to find any poster different than the first hallway, run back.


If any door opens or the number of doors decreases to 2, run back.


If the camera on the ceiling is ON, run back.


If the Man changes its course such as starting following and running towards you, smiling, looking at you, or disappearing, run back.


If the lights on the ceiling are blinking, arranged in disorder, or turned OFF, run back.

The steps and anomalies mentioned above are the main changes that you need to look for and if you don’t find any significant change, continue down the path and note down the increased number on the Yellow Poster. The number on the Yellow Poster will increase both in going ahead and running back so, keep your eyes peeled.

There are several other Anomalies in the game that you encounter such as Flood, a mysterious man chasing you, faces on the Yellow Tiles and on the ceiling, disorder of Yellow Tiles, and much more. You need to go back after running into any of the anomalies to continue ahead.

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