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Destiny 2: How to Solve The Test of Truth and Lies, The Final Imbaru Engine Puzzle



Destiny 2 - Truth and Lies Test

The Test of Truth and Lies is the final puzzle in the Imbaru Engine activity that players will get to solve in the latest season, Season of the Witch of Destiny 2. As it is the final puzzle, players must complete all previous three tests and open the path to the truth and Lies test by activating the braziers with green flames in Imbaru Engine. Without solving the previous tests, players will not be able to reach the final room so, make sure that you have completed all of the tests at least once and also gained all required Opaque Cards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the test of truth and lies in Destiny 2.

The Test of Truth and Lies Solution in Destiny 2

Solving the Test of Truth and Lies will require you to activate the correct/truth runes around the room and then deposit them in the big triangle in the middle of the room. However, you cannot predict which symbols are true and which are lies if you haven’t paid attention to all of the Thrall Statues scattered throughout Imbaru Engine’s Test Rooms.

For the readers, who are just looking for the solution, you can activate the following runes mentioned below in the specific order, and for the ones who truly want to know how the test actually works, read along after the solution for the test.

  • Lower Right Symbols: Pass, Activate, Pass, Activate
  • Lower Left Symbols: Pass, Pass, Activate, Activate
  • Top Left Symbols: Pass, Pass, Pass, Activate
  • Top Right Symbols: Pass, Pass, Activate, Activate

How to Solve the Test of Truth and Lies in Destiny 2

Start the Test and grab the Truth and Lie buffs from inside the room. There are 16 distinct symbols, and each puzzle room contains 4 activatable statues, totaling 16 statues across all rooms. Each statue reveals three highlighted symbols, with two being “false” and one being “true.” To streamline the process, activate all 16 statues, take note of the highlighted symbols, and whether they are enclosed in a triangle or circle. Treat these as 16 distinct sets of 3, maintaining the same order in every room but with varying initial positions.

Following this, discern the genuine triangles from the circles. Examine each of the 16 combinations of 3 symbols, identifying the true triangle and the two false ones. By systematically analyzing all sets of 3, you can deduce the actual triangles and circles.

Rewards for Completing The Test of Truth and Lies

Once you have narrowed down all of the correct symbols, activate the central console to submit your final tribute to open the final door to get your rewards. Walk through the corridor to find an uncorrupted Ahamkara Egg. Listen to the conversation and then transmit the egg to claim the following rewards.

  • Forbidden Wish
  • Twisted Space
  • Eleatic Principle
  • The Eremite
  • Locus Locutus

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