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Destiny 2: How to Unlock Gjallarhorn



Destiny 2: How to Unlock Gjallarhorn

The exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn returns in Destiny 2. We’ll tell you how you get it in this guide.

In our Gjallarhorn guide to Destiny 2 you will learn:

  • How to complete the quest “All wolves fly high”
  • Where you can farm pack projectiles the fastest
  • Where you can get the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn

You read that right, Gjallarhorn is back and once again spreading fear and terror among your opponents in Destiny 2 . If you have the 30 Years Bungie Package, you can win Gjallarhorn. We have the solution to all the quest steps ready for you.

Where can I get the quest for Gjallarhorn?

You can get the quest for Gjallarhorn from Xur in the treasury – but only if you have the 30-year Bungie package. Talk to him and press the right arrow in his inventory to accept the quest “All wolves are flying high”. There you will also get the quest “Magnum Opus”, which will give you the new trailblazer pistol.

Complete the new dungeon “The Pull of Greed”

First, you have to go to Shaw Han in the cosmodrome, who gives you the task of completing the new dungeon “Suction of Greed”. So grab two more Guardians and learn the tragic story of Wilhelm-7. Have you defeated the final boss “Captain Avarokk the Desirous” in the dungeon, you have to return to Shaw Han again?

How do I get pack bullets quickly?

Shaw now assigns you to collect seven-pack projectiles. You get it by defeating powerful fallen soldiers (yellow life bar) in the cosmodrome. So that you don’t have to search long for the fall, we recommend that you visit the lost sector “Exodus Garden 2A” and play it several times.

Do not go to Shawn at the spawn point, but turn around and cross the factory, behind the factory you go over the large open space and onto the silo. From the silo, you can jump to the entrance of the sector.

In this Lost Sector, you will meet a host of powerful servitors. Don’t be surprised if you have to play the sector several times –
not every powerful fallen will drop a pack projectile. We weren’t very lucky ourselves and sometimes only got one pack bullet per run …

Complete the Lost Sector “Exodus Garden 2A”

Return to Shaw Han with the pack missiles and then fly once into the tower to Banshee-44. After a conversation, he will send you back to the cosmodrome. You should collect the missing parts of the rocket launcher in the lost sector “Exodus Garden 2A”. Follow our directions to the Lost Sector again and complete it one more time. You can now get the weapon parts from the chest at the end.

Pick up Gjallarhorn from Shaw Han

Travel to Shaw Han warehouse with the weapon parts and assemble them. At Shaw himself, you will finally get your exotic rocket launcher: Gjallarhorn.

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