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Halo Infinite – The best multiplayer weapons



Halo Infinite - The best multiplayer weapons

Halo Infinite offers slightly over 20 types of weapons. Initially, it may seem – for example by the top-down system of forcing one and the same gun and assault rifle at the beginning of each game – that some of them are blocked and become available only after some time. Nothing could be more wrong! All you need to do is search the map carefully and pick up individual guns from the stands or by picking up the guns from the dead ally/enemy.

Pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, and rifles are divided into several types, and to get to know them thoroughly, you just need to go to the academy and then exercise with a weapon to go to the training ground with the gun you are interested in. It is best if you test each of them yourself – it will take you literally several minutes, and thanks to this, you will gain valuable experience that will help in battles with enemies.

Below are some of the weapons that I think are the best about Halo Infinite. However, keep in mind that my playstyle may differ from yours (e.g. I don’t even use shotguns as a handy weapon), so the following choices may not appeal to you:

  • BR75 assault rifle – deadly accurate with semi-automatic fire, which makes the gun even more stable and precise. It has a sight that approximates the surroundings.
  • S7 Sniper Rifle – by far the most powerful sniper rifle, not as heavy to handle as you might think. It was created with long-range combat in mind, so it is the basic element of equipment for people who do not like fighting on the first front.
  • Skewer – an extremely heavy gun that will destroy any Spartan with one shot. It is also great at destroying land and air vehicles. Its only downside is the necessity to reload after each shot is fired, so it will work well as a side weapon.
  • SPNKR M41 – rocket launcher, which was designed to destroy all land and air vehicles. It has two bullets with enormous firepower in the magazine, but you have to take into account the long reload time.
  • Parzydło – an unusual type of weapon that shoots hard light projectiles. It has a small clip, but its shots can do a lot of damage at close range. In addition, it is distinguished by two fire modes – horizontal and vertical. You can adjust it at any time by clicking the aiming button. Thanks to this feature, we are ready for almost any eventuality.

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