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Halo Infinite – voice and text chat, how to activate?



Halo Infinite - voice and text chat, how to activate?

As is already the case with multiplayer games, in Halo Infinite you have to communicate with your team. In the case of the PC version, it is possible in two ways (the former is not available on Xbox consoles): via text and voice messaging.

To start a text chat, just click enter or the Y key on your keyboard and start typing. It’s best to do this before or after the game to thank you for playing the game. You can also try writing something in between respawning, but the chances are good that no one will pay attention to it as everyone will be busy eliminating their own targets.

Due to too limited possibilities of text chat, it is better to use voice chat. First, go to the sound settings, because it is turned off by default. Set one of the values ​​you are interested in in the “communication center” category – it is best to select “push to talk” so that others will not hear any noise from your microphone.

Depending on which button you have assigned to the activity, other players will hear you while you hold it. This is useful primarily in chaobol or wrestling mode, where cooperation is an extremely important element that brings you closer to success.

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