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Destiny 2: Magnum Opus – So you get the trailblazer pistol



Destiny 2: Magnum Opus - So you get the trailblazer pistol

You get the exotic pistol trailblazer by completing the quest “Magnum Opus”. With us, you can find out where and how to use the strange key and thus solve the quest.

In our Destiny 2 guide to the quest “Magnum Opus” we tell you:

  • Where to use the “Strange Key”
  • How to get the exotic pistol trailblazer

With the 30-year Bungie package, the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn was not only returned, a Destiny classic, but with Wegbereiter you can also get a new exotic pistol as part of the “Magnum Opus” quest. In our guide, you will find the solutions to all the quest steps.

Where can I get the Magnum Opus quest?

You can get the quest from Xur in his treasury. The only requirement is that you have completed the introductory quest for the 30-year Bungie celebrations “The brave deserve the loot” . Then you can pick it up at Xur – click once on the arrow to the right in Xur’s inventory, there you will also get the Gjallarhorn quest “All wolves fly high”.

Collect strange coins – Here’s how

In the first step of the quest, you have to collect seven strange coins and bring them to the star horse, which is in Xur’s treasury. You can get the coins in the new activity “Trials of Eternity”, but also in many other activities in Destiny 2: Crucible, Gambit, Strikes or heroic public events.

Good to know: You will also be credited for the coins that you collect before you have even accepted the quest.

How can I quickly complete Star Horse forays?

In the next step in the quest you have to complete three-star horse forays, which, as the name suggests, you can buy from the star horse with the help of Strange Coins. Remember that you can only have one foray in your inventory at a time and that you have to complete the task within a single run of the “Test of Courage of Eternity”.

If you fail to make the foray during one run, it will be reset and you will have to start over the next time. But do not worry, in contrast to the daily forays of Banshee-44, Zavala, and Co., the forays do not expire – so you are not pressed for time when completing the forays.

Tip: Take on a weekly raid by the star horse and play the legendary version of the “Trials of Eternity” – you have to hire five more guardians yourself, however, as the automatic matchmaking is switched off here.

The weekly forays can only be done in the legendary variant, but a weekly foray counts as several daily forays. We only had to do a weekly foray to complete the quest step.

How do I get the Strange Key?

To get the Strange Key, you have to go up to Rank 4 at Xur, only then can you pick up the key from him. You will rank up in Xur by completing his daily forays and playing the “Trials of Eternity” activity. With four completed forays by Xur and two or three rounds of “Trials of Eternity,” you should reach rank 4.

If you picked up the Strange Key from Xur, you have to speak to him again before you can use the key.

Where can I use the Strange Key?

The penultimate quest step is very vague and asks you to use the key. How to find the right spot to use the key :

Start with Xur in his treasure chamber and go out of the room to the pink shimmering portal. That brings you into the initial area of ​​the “test of the courage of eternity”.

Go right from the jetty to the small stones in front of the rock face – you should also see a quest marker when you activate your mind.

Have you been walking around the stones for ages and couldn’t use the key? Then you felt like us. You have to stand in exactly the right place in front of the stones and look at them at the right angle, otherwise, the button for using the key will not be displayed. You can see the correct position in our picture gallery.

Have you used the key, follow the quest marker into the cave and use the floating balls to get up. Then climb up the wall with the golden platforms to find a cryo capsule that has an anomalous object inside.

Voilà, the exotic pistol is almost yours. Bring the anomalous object to Banshee-44 on the tower, who will fix it and give you the trailblazer pistol. The weapon should look familiar to Halo fans – it is very reminiscent of the Halo Magnum in terms of weapon handling and design.

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