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Destiny 2: Twilight Weapons – What Weapons Are Out This Week?



Destiny 2: Twilight Weapons - What Weapons Are Out This Week?

The weekly Twilight Strike in Destiny 2 offers exclusive weapons as rewards. We’ll tell you here every week which weapons are available.

In this guide to the twilight weapons in Destiny 2 – Season 15 you will learn:

  • Which Twilight Strike is on the playlist this week
  • Which weapons await you as a reward
  • The God Rolls for the Twilight Weapons

The twilight strikes in Destiny 2 are particularly challenging strikes, which therefore also bring exclusive loot. The higher you set the difficulty, the higher the probability that you will end up with a twilight weapon.

The particularly tough front-runner versions of the Twilight Strikes have been available every week since October 5, 2021 – requires at least a power level of 1,345. Only there you can get the master versions of the twilight weapons.

Twilight Strike: The Corrupted (7/12 – 14/12)

The current twilight strike is “The Corrupted” in the Dreaming City. Due to the boss fight against Sedia, in which you are easily thrown into the abyss, one of the most annoying twilights strikes in Destiny 2. From the difficulty level “Hero” you can expect unstoppable and overload champions.

So it’s best to pack a bow including the overload mod . For the unstoppable champions, we recommend fusion rifles including the “Particle Decomposition” mod for maximum damage.

To kill the boss quickly, use a heavy weapon that can cause critical damage, as Sedia is particularly susceptible to critical damage – but of course, you have to hit the head for that. We recommend you the exo-linear fusion rifle “Sleeper Simulant”.

Twilight weapons in the current week (December 7th – December 14th)

You can get two older twilight weapons this week. The master versions of the weapons are available in the front-runner twilight. There you can also get the master mods that you can only use in these versions of the weapons.

The Palindrome (The Palindrome)

The Palindrome is a 140 handgun that is especially strong in PvP because of its perks. That’s why we’re going to reveal a strong God Roll for the Crucible in the following.

PvP God Roll Recommendation :

  • Small caliber (increases range and stability)
  • Impact projectiles (increases stability, increases range slightly)
  • Fixed pull (weapon can be drawn incredibly quickly)
  • Range finder (aiming increases the effective range and zoom magnification)

The Swarm

Since machine guns were buffed again in Season 15, “The Swarm” can be used well in PvE to eliminate large hordes of opponents (Add-Clear). In addition, the master version of “The Swarm” together with the time-lost corrective action from the Glass Chamber Raid is the only machine gun that can use the master mods.

With the perk combination of “outlaw” and “dragonfly”, you can quickly process the hordes of enemies thanks to the explosions and then quickly reload the magazine.

PvE God Roll Recommendation :

  • Fluted barrel (increases handling speed significantly, increases stability slightly)
  • Tactical magazine (slightly increases stability, increases reload speed, increases magazine size by +10)
  • Outlaw (precision kills significantly reduce reload time)
  • Dragonfly (precision kills create an elemental damage explosion)

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