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Century: Age of Ashes tips to get you started



Century: Age of Ashes tips to get you started

In Century: Age of Ashes you can expect fiery battles in lofty heights. We’ll give you helpful tips for starting your career as a dragon rider!

In our tips guide for  Century: Age of Ashes you will learn:

  • How to master the movement of your dragon
  • How to improve your chances in combat
  • Which power-ups you can collect

In Century: Age of Ashes you fight battles on the back of your very own dragon. In order to be victorious in battle, you have to have full control over your fiery lizard. But with our tips guide, how to train your dragon is made easy!

How do I control my dragon in Century: Age of Ashes?

In PvP battles, it all depends on how well you use your speed. You will hunt down opponents just like in an air battle or flee from them. In many arenas there are also cave systems and castles with narrow passages. So you will have to maneuver the kite through narrow areas at a very high speed.

Your kite also controls a bit like an airplane. That means you never stop in the air. You can brake, but your dragon still moves slowly forward.

Press the sprint button twice – right trigger on the Xbox Series X controller and the W button on the keyboard – to get a speed boost for a few seconds. You have a total of four stamina bars and one sprint consumes one bar. You replenish it by drawing energy from the blue-glowing cracks in the sea and on the ground. There are also boost power-ups in the arenas, with which you can use speed boosts infinitely for a period of time.

Your kite must be able to take sharp turns without crashing into a stone wall every time. You can always break in flight – even if you have activated a speed boost. Brake to turn, then look in the direction in which you want to turn and activate the boost again. This way you change direction much faster and shorten the size of your turning radius.

Use the free flight mode to practice. You can find the mode under the heading “Play” and in the tab “Train”. In this mode, you can try out various flight maneuvers in peace and quiet without the interference of other dragon riders.

What are the power-ups in Century: Age of Ashes?

In each arena, there are two power-ups that give you advantages in combat. These are shield and wind blessings. Shield power-ups give your dragon additional armor. Wind Blessing grants you unlimited stamina for a few seconds.

The dragon spear is a particularly powerful power-up. You can only throw it once, but enemies die with just one hit. Otherwise, you will find life’s essence in the arenas – healing for your dragon. All power-ups always spawn in the same places. Make a note of the spawn points of all power-ups so that you don’t waste time searching.

During a match, a glowing red dragon spawns every now and then, which is marked for all dragon riders. Killing this dragon puts you in berserk mode. You then have more life and also do more damage, but glow red and are therefore easier to see from a distance.

Tips for fighting in Century: Age of Ashes

The combat system is simple in itself: you can spit target-seeking fireballs (long-range combat) or spitfire (close-quarters combat). In order for the fireballs to pursue their target, you have to be close enough until a green circle appears around the enemy. This circle also indicates how much life the enemy has left. When yellow indicators appear above and below the green circle, the enemy is close enough for you to spit fire at them.

Depending on which class you play, your riders can perform special attacks. But they differ from class to class. We will go into more detail on the individual classes in a separate guide.

When hunting an enemy, you should first make use of the homing fireballs. The fire breath is very strong but has to recharge for a long time after use. Always use Fire Breath against enemies with a damaged health bar – this is usually a guaranteed kill. In addition, the fire breath inflicts lasting fire damage for a few seconds .

When fleeing from enemies, it all depends on the terrain you are in. If you are traveling over an open field, you use the speed boost when a target-seeking fireball approaches you. If you fly away long enough, the fireball will explode in mid-air after a few seconds.

You can put your movement skills to the test in closed areas. Use the junctions to make sharp turns and slow down your opponents. Only use the boost if you are flying through a long tunnel without branches.

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