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Century: Age of Ashes classes – all classes at a glance



Century: Age of Ashes classes - all classes at a glance

In Century: Age of Ashes, dragons of all dragon rider classes have special abilities. We introduce you to all classes and their dragons here!

In Century: Age of Ashes, each class rides a unique breed of dragons with special skills. So that you know which dragon is the right one for you, we are introducing you to all classes and their abilities.

What classes are in Century: Age of Ashes?

There are three classes at launch: the Phantom, the Marauder, and the Wind Watch. Developer Playwing promises to provide the free-to-play title with additional classes in the future. It is not yet known whether these classes will be free.

How are the classes structured?

Each class has a passive ability, two special attacks, a so-called power ability, and a rage mode. Rage is another word for ultimate in this case. Only one of two special attacks can be equipped per match. The rage charges up in the course of a match but can be accelerated by killing and playing the objective.

For fighters: the marauder

The Marauder is a typical attacker class. If you want to focus mainly on fighting, you can’t get past the marauder.

The Marauder’s Skills

Passive Skill: Relentless Predator

Eliminations and assists fully recharge your powers and abilities.

Special attacks

  • Frost Bolt: Fires three projectiles that deal high shield damage and slow enemies without a shield.
  • Gust of Wind : Destroys all enemy fireballs targeting you. You cannot be targeted for a short time and you get some stamina back for every projectile that is repelled.

Power: the mark of the hunter

Your dragon spits a fast, homing ball of fire. However, this fireball does less damage.

Rage: Hunter’s Fury

The Hunter’s Mark power ability affects all enemies. Eliminations extend the duration of the rage.

Tips for the marauder

As a marauder, you fight on the front lines. Your job is to keep opposing players at bay and play the objectives. Play offensive and focus on eliminating opponents so that your skills recharge faster.

The gust of wind makes it easier to escape, but the frostbolt is better if you want to collect as many kills and assists as possible. In addition, the Frostbolt can also work for interaction with the other classes. Support your team by slowing down enemies they are chasing with the Frostbolt or at least damaging their shields. You can also help fellow players escape by slowing down opponents.

The stealth aviator: the phantom

The Phantom class relies more on underhand than brute force. The Phantom is basically a tactician class.

The abilities of the phantom

Passive: protection destroyer

You deal more damage to enemy shields.

Special attacks

  • Mine: Can attach a mine to surfaces that explode as soon as an enemy enters its radius.
  • Thrust : Fires an arrow that pushes enemies back when detonated.

Power: Mystical Shroud

Your dragon will become invisible for a short time and will spit a stronger ball of fire if you attack while invisible. If you get damage, you will become visible again.

Rage: mortal veil

You are invulnerable for a short time and cannot be targeted by enemies. In addition, your fireballs do more damage.

Tips for the phantom

The Mines special ability is one of the best aspects of the Phantom. Up to five mines can be placed on the field at the same time. Distributes the mines at spawn points of power-ups so that opposing players either take damage or are discouraged from collecting the power-up. You cannot be hurt by your own mines.

Make yourself invisible if you notice enemies flying in your direction. If they are too close and have already targeted you, you will still remain invisible highlighted. Therefore you have to make yourself invisible early on. You can also use invisibility for stealth attacks: fly up to an inattentive enemy and then attack them with fireballs – after all, your fireballs do more damage in this state.

For team players: the wind watch

Wind guards are primarily supporters. If you enjoy acting as a medic in other games, then this class in Century: Age of Ashes is for you.

The skills of the wind watch

Passive Ability: Skeldian Determination

Pressure waves have a weaker effect on you and negative status effects have a shorter duration.

Special attacks

  • Smoke Trail : Creates a thick, toxic trail of smoke behind your dragon, preventing enemies from targeting you.
  • Thrust : Fires an arrow that pushes enemies back when detonated.

Power: Redemption boost

Grants you and a targeted ally a healing shield.

Rage: enthusiasm

Increases the redemption boost and puts you in berserk mode for a short time. You also get additional shield points.

Tips for the wind watch

If possible, always stay close to other players so that you can provide them with extra shields through a redemption boost. Your rage ability gives you berserk mode, but the main advantage is that the redemption boosts have a greater effect during this time. The smoke trail, on the other hand, is perfect for fleeing enemies or for covering areas with poison. For example, you could use the poison cloud to wrap power-ups.

In objective-based modes, you focus on supporting your fellow players so that they can conquer the objective. Support your teammates with the redemption boost or distribute poison gas at the objective so that it is harder for opposing players to get. If you’d rather play the objective yourself, you should switch to the Phantom or Marauder.

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