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Destiny 2 wants to improve close combat with a new control feature



Destiny 2 wants to improve close combat with a new control feature

Destiny 2 introduces a new feature in Season 15 – separate melee actions. This should give you better control over when and how you use your melee skills. And this is how it works.

What is the new feature all about? Do you know that? You want to throw a knife at an approaching, exploding enemy, but after pressing the melee button you dash forward instead, slap the enemy in the face, and unintentionally trigger the explosion? Or are you totally unintentionally wasting the valuable melee charge on a lonely, puny opponent? This is exactly what will soon be a thing of the past with a new “Quality of Life” feature – with separate close combat actions.

Separate close combat actions – this is how it works

This is the basic principle: From season 15, charged and non-charged melee attacks can be assigned separate input commands. This should give you more control over when you want to use which melee ability. So far, this has been regulated automatically via a button, but this is not always carried out as the player intended.

These options are available: This is an “opt-in” feature: you have to activate the feature yourself. The new actions are not assigned by default. The following options will be available to you:

  • The new name for the previous functionality of the close combat action is “Automatic close combat”. Here the type of melee attack carried out still depends on the situation. The execution changes depending on which ability you have equipped and how far you are from enemies. This option should work smoothly for the most part, but it can sometimes deviate from the actual intentions of the players.
  • The first new action will be called “Charged Melee Attack”. When you press the button, your charged melee ability is activated here – regardless of how far you are from the enemy. If you press the appropriate button while your melee ability is not yet fully charged, nothing will happen. Only the symbol of the melee ability will then glow red.
  • The second new action is called “Uncharged Melee Attack” and will always perform an uncharged melee attack when triggered – even if your melee ability is fully charged.

Here you will find the setting options: You can customize the new feature in the controls.

  • If you play with mouse and keyboard, then open the settings menu, click on keyboard / mouse, scroll to “Charged melee attack” and “Uncharged melee attack” and assign them a corresponding key.
  • If you gamble with a controller, then navigate to the settings menu, go to Controller> Key Assignment> Individual and scroll down to “Charged melee attack” and “Uncharged melee attack”. Now you can assign the appropriate buttons to the actions.

You still have to keep this in mind: This new control feature is actually quite straightforward, but according to Bungie there are still one or two things that you should be aware of:

  • The melee attacks are triggered when you press the assigned button, not when you let go of them. It does not take into account whether you hold down the respective key. This means: none of the close combat actions can be assigned with “long press a key” or “double press a key”.
  • Controllers have limited input options, so you’ll need to be a little more creative when setting up your controls. As an example: You can set the charged melee to RB / R2 and the uncharged melee by pressing the right stick / R3 once. This would mean that the assignments for finisher and uncharged melee would be identical, but that would mean that enemies are always dealt with with a finisher instead of receiving a melee if they are critically wounded.
  • Should you assign the charged and uncharged melee combat with the same key, the charged melee combat is always preferred. This is the opposite behavior of the automatic melee attack.

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