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The Ascent now also has ray tracing in Game Pass, but no DLSS



The Ascent now also has ray tracing in Game Pass, but no DLSS

The Ascent looks really, really good: The neon lights are reflected in the puddles, there are electric charges crackling over huge machines. Not least thanks to ray tracing in combination with DLSS for more FPS, the graphics play in the top league – unfortunately not all players get to see this.

At the time of release, both technologies only ran in the Steam version, whoever got the game in the Xbox Game Pass for PC had to do without. Ray tracing is now available for everyone with an update.

DLSS is to be delivered later

This is the current situation: If you own the Steam version of The Ascent, then you shouldn’t have any problems activating DLSS and Raytracing. Ray tracing has also been available in Game Pass since the latest patch, and the update should improve performance on all platforms and fix many annoying co-op bugs. However, there is no mention of the still missing DLSS. The full patch notes be found at Steam.

What the developers say: On Twitter, the Neon Giant studio responded to requests from gamers and indirectly confirmed that certain graphics options were missing in the Game Pass. They write:

However, there is no specific information as to whether and when DLSS will also be available for the Windows Store. We have sent a request to the developers ourselves, if we find out more details, we will of course amend them accordingly. The whole thing is particularly annoying because The Ascent is actually the perfect game for Game Pass.

There are several other fronts that the small development team has to fight on. Many players complain, for example, about the clumsy keyboard controls, mission bugs, errors in achievements, lags, and balancing problems.

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