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Destiny 2: Xur today – location and offer on 07.01.



Destiny 2: Xur today - location and offer on 07.01.

Xur starts the new year and has a look at Destiny 2 so that you can return your legendary fragments to him. He wants to sell his exotic and other goods quickly because his second job with his horse buddy also requires attention. As always, you can find out where you can meet him for shopping on January 7th on Nintendosmash.

What happened in Destiny 2 this week? new light players don’t have it easy in Destiny 2 right now. In places, you will automatically be thrown into the activity “Test of Courage of Eternity” and will be food for the champions there. Bungie has urged veteran Guardians to assist the “blueberries” in battle until the problem can be resolved. Are you there?

Then a small SMG showed that in the right hands in PvP, despite its bad reputation, it can deal properly. Provided she has the right perks and someone who can trigger them. While not one of the top MPs, this example shows that a well-rolled weapon can make all the difference in any activity in Destiny 2.

This week, players also played the revised front-runner strike “Lake of Shadows” on the Vanguard playlist and made an interesting discovery in the process.

All information about Xur on December 31, 2021 – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia

When is Xur coming? Just in time for the daily reset at 6 p.m., he will come to you with his cosmic ship. His shop is open to all interested custodians until January 11, 2022, at 6 p.m. All you have to do is bring the right materials in return and maybe get hold of a Godroll.

Then he disappears again for a whole week and becomes the only game show presenter in the “Trials of Eternity”.

Where is Xur located? This is his camp for the weekend

Xur’s position: You can find his shop right in the tower this weekend. Just run into the hangar and look in the dark corner on the stairs on the left.

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Xur’s inventory from 07.01. until January 11th – All Exotics at a glance

What does Xur have to offer? As always, Xur will have an exotic weapon and armor for all characters, including warlocks, hunters, and titans. This is the offer that he has been offering since 6 p.m. today:

Weapon: Lion Roar – Void Grenade Launcher for 29 Legendary Fragments

Titan: Synthozeps – solar armguard for 23 legendary fragments

  • Mobility: +6
  • Load capacity: +18
  • Recovery: +8
  • Discipline: +20
  • Intellect: +2
  • Strength: +9
  • Total: 63

Hunter:  Shinobu’s Vow – Arc Armguard for 23 Legendary Fragments

  • Mobility: +3
  • Load capacity: +20
  • Recovery: +9
  • Discipline: +12
  • Intellect: +16
  • Strength: +2
  • Total: 62

Warlock : Ophidian Aspect – Arc Armguard for 23 Legendary Fragments

  • Mobility: +3
  • Load capacity: +22
  • Recovery: +7
  • Discipline: +2
  • Intellect: +20
  • Strength: +12
  • Total: 66

Legendary Armor Set: This week you can get the complete simulator armor set from Xur.

Xur always has that with him: You can always get an exotic engram for 97 legendary fragments from Xur as well as the weekly quest for an exotic code.

Osiris exams on January 7th – 11th – Map, weapons and information

Which map is it this week? This week you can sweat on the Trials map “Burnout”.

This is how you get your loot: You are guaranteed to get your loot in the trials, albeit no longer through three, five, and seven wins, but now with:

  • Seven wins
  • 50 rounds
  • as well as the infamous flawless run that takes you to the lighthouse.

This is the reward for a flawless run: You get the sniper rifle “Eye of Sol” from the 14th Saint – as a master version, of course.

When you have received your desired weapon, you can specifically focus your examination engrams on it. On top of that there are enhancement prisms and ascendant fragments. Remember, once you’ve got a full pass, your rewards will increase even more if you’ve lost a game or two.

When do the trials start? The trials start as usual with the daily reset at 6:00 p.m.

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