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Diablo 4 Officially Reveals Season 3 With an Announcement Trailer



Diablo 4 officially reveals season 4 with an announcement trailer

Diablo 4 next season, Season 3 is just around the corner as its release date was revealed a week ago in the game’s menu stating that ‘Diablo 4 Season Starts on January 23’. However, the name of the Season wasn’t disclosed until earlier today as Diablo officially revealed the name with a seasonal trailer on their official YouTube channel.

Diablo 4 Season of Construct starts on January 23, 2024, right after the ending of Season of Blood. The new season introduces a new spider-robot companion called Seneschal that will assist players in uncovering the powerful secrets of Zoltun Kulle’s Loom that resides beneath the deserts of Kehjistan.

Players will get to embark on a new journey with Seneschal to hazard the many traps and devastating Constructs deep beneath the swirling sands. Alongside uncovering the new adventure, players will also get to complete a brand-new Dungeon type called Vaults. Not only that but the Season of Construct will also get the future update of Weekly Leaderboards with the Gauntlet, a weekly rotated fixed dungeon.

Alongside the Seasonal activities, the update will bring many Quality-of-Life updates from which one of the most asked ones is movement with W-A-S-D. Players on PC will now be able to use W-A-S-D keys to travel around the sanctuary instead of using the mouse.

To read about all the Quality-of Life updates that are coming to Diablo 4 along with the new Season, check out Blizzard’s official News Page.

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