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Diablo 4: You need to follow the rats for good loot



The Unconventional Strategy: Follow the Rats

In the immersive universe of Diablo, the quest for superior loot forms the crux of the gameplay. Diablo IV, the latest installment, is no different, with a plethora of advice available for players seeking to enhance their equipment. However, an unconventional yet seemingly effective strategy has emerged from the player community: the act of pursuing rats.

The Unconventional Strategy: Follow the Rats

Several Diablo IV enthusiasts have reported an intriguing phenomenon: the rats in Blizzard’s newest game appear to possess an uncanny ability to locate legendary equipment. This observation has led to the birth of a unique strategy, as shared by a Reddit user, zerger45, “This may sound utterly bizarre, but the key to acquiring good loot is to follow the rats. Abandon the predetermined path in any dungeon and simply trail the rats.”

The Unconventional Strategy: Follow the Rats

The user further attested to the effectiveness of this strategy, claiming to have discovered multiple legendary items within a mere 10-minute span.

The Unconventional Strategy: Follow the Rats

The rat strategy in Diablo IV isn’t as straightforward as it seems. According to zerger45, players should also heed the rats’ indications of which enemy group to eliminate. Subsequently, the rats will guide players toward their next objective. This strategy has been corroborated by several players, with one user, iloveobjects, attributing their acquisition of the elusive Ring of Mendeln to the rat chase.

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