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Diablo IV Season 1 Begins July 20 – Details, Trailer andscreenshots



Diablo IV Season 1 Begins July 20 - Details, Trailer andscreenshots

Hey, have you heard the latest about Diablo IV? The developers just held a presentation and spilled the beans about the first season of the game. They’re calling it the “Season of the Malignant,” and it’s all set to kick off on July 20, 2023. Can’t wait!

So, here’s the scoop. After you wrap up the main storyline, Sanctuary gets hit with a new kind of corruption from Lilith. This means you’ll be up against plague-ridden monsters that have gone crazy from the corruption. You’ll need to collect malignant hearts from these elite enemies, and when you activate these hearts, you’ll summon a stronger version of the monster and its minions. Sounds intense, right?

But don’t worry, your efforts won’t go unrewarded. You’ll get special items called plague hearts for taking down these enhanced elite monsters. You can use these to boost your amulets and rings. There are 32 of these plague hearts up for grabs in the first season, and they’ll really help to power up your character and let you create unique builds.

The first season also brings a new storyline. You’ll be helping Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, to find and stop the source of the corruption. And the big boss of the first season? That’s Varshan the Consumed.

The developers are also throwing in six unique items and seven legendary aspects. These will be available from July 18 and you can use them with your current characters, even outside of the season. And with the start of the first season, there’s a seasonal campaign where you can earn rewards like legendary aspects, a mastery title, and an amnesia scroll, which lets you reset your skill tree and enhancement panel points for free.

This seasonal campaign is open to all players and isn’t tied to the “battle pass.” During the season, you can earn a special title – “Ominous Monster.”

There’s also a “battle pass,” both paid and free versions, which will offer smoldering ash. This is a currency you can use to get bonuses for seasonal characters, like an experience boost or an increased chance of getting rare materials. But don’t worry, if you go for the paid “battle pass,” you won’t get any gameplay advantages, just some extra cosmetic items.

The developers are planning to release the biggest patch for Diablo IV just before the first season starts, on July 18. And there was a smaller patch, 1.0.4, that came out on July 6, which would let you get unique items from Hell Tide chests.

So, there you have it! The “Season of the Malignant” is shaping up to be a thrilling time for all Diablo IV players. Whether you’re battling enhanced monsters, collecting plague hearts, or helping Cormond stop the corruption, there’s a ton of new content to dive into. Can’t wait to see you in the game!

Here are the Screenshots:

diablo seaons
diablo seaons
diablo seasons
diablo seasos
diablo seaons

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