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Diablo IV Season of Blood Includes New Blood Harvest Event and More



Diablo IV Season of Blood Includes New Blood Harvest Event and More

Diablo IV: Season of Blood is just a few hours away from going live on the servers. The developers haven’t released much information about the new features in this season, apart from a new questline and the introduction of vampire enemies. However, recently, Diablo uploaded a new Gameplay Trailer for Season of Blood on their YouTube channel, showcasing some of the major features in the new season.

First and foremost, the gameplay trailer introduces the main antagonist of Season of Blood, named Zir of the Ancients. It reveals that the main questline will revolve around Zir of the Ancients, whom players will confront with the help of a new companion, Erys. In the dark world of Sanctuary, players will have the opportunity to strengthen their favorite classes with the new Vampiric Powers. Similar to the Malignant Hearts in the previous season, these powers will be confined to the Seasonal Realm, allowing players to experiment with various class builds.

The trailer also presents a new event called Blood Harvest, in which we can see corruption formed by blood. Players must eliminate this corruption to clear the affected area and deal with the wandering vampires. This event is expected to be beneficial for players who wish to level up their characters quickly in the new season.

Finally, the trailer showcases three new Endgame Bosses that players will encounter in the World of Sanctuary. The addition of these new bosses adds depth to the gameplay and gives players more incentives to invest additional hours in the game, as they can obtain unique, Uber Unique, and Legendary Aspects by defeating them.

Diablo IV Season of Blood is releasing today on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

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