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Diablo IV: What Altar of Lilith Statues Does



Diablo IV: What Altar of Lilith Statues Does

As players explore the World of Sanctuary, they will come to find numerous things and locations in the first region of Diablo 4. The starting region of Diablo 4 is Fractured Peaks which is pretty big itself but the game only has begun even if you have completed this region and move on to the next region. You will be able to discover most of the Fractured Peaks by following the storyline but in order to discover the Hidden Areas, you would have to go off-road. Discovering every path possible in the Fractured Peaks will let you discover a Statue named Altar of Lilith which offers pretty useful benefits.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what Altar of Lilith Statues does in Diablo IV.

What Altar of Lilith Statues Do in Diablo IV

By beginning the journey in the World of Sanctuary, you will be introduced to the Altar of Lilith Statues pretty early in the game. You will be able to interact with Lilith’s Statue by going near it and the game will give you a prompt to find more of these statues. Now, the Altar of Lilith Statues is actually very useful because each statue will give a random buff to your character’s stats. The boost on your stat is permanent and it will usually give you a boost of +2 to any one of your stats. As there are five different stats that can be seen in your character overview window.

Some of the statues will also give a buff to your character’s health, increasing the maximum HP of your character. So, there are a number of reasons to look for these Altars while exploring the Fractured Peaks region. The Altars surely can be found in other regions of the world as well but alone in the Fractured Peak region, there are 28 Altar of Lilith Statues that players can find. All of the Altar of Lilith Statues emit a dark red light that can be seen from a range of distance so, make sure to go towards the light if any crosses your range.

Diablo IV: What Altar of Lilith Statues Do

Finding and interacting with each statue will enhance your stats permanently, giving you a pretty decent start right from the beginning of the game. Since these statues are hidden so, you will have to take all the alter paths you can find in the region to find the Altars and get your boosts.

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