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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Event and Quests



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Event and Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update is live with a lot of new items, cosmetics, quests, and places. This new update contains a new storyline for Scar’s character and a new event has been added to the game as well. This new Event is for Halloween and players can complete certain challenges to get points and also complete the quests to get rewards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the new Halloween Event and its quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Halloween Event

The new Halloween Event is called Villain’s Star Path and players will get points for completing Star Path’s Duties. Every Duty will give you a certain amount of Points and then you can go into the Rewards category and redeem those points for the reward you want. There are daily three different duties that you can complete and get points. There is also a premium Star Path that you can unlock for 2,500 Moonstones. By upgrading the Star Path to premium, you’ll unlock three more duties that you can complete and earn more points. You’ll get points faster and you’ll be able to claim the premium rewards as well in the Rewards section of the Star Path.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Event and Quests

If you didn’t want to upgrade to premium then it’s okay, you’ll still be able to claim the rewards from the points you earn. There are many different cosmetics and skins in the rewards section for the non-premium Star Path as well. There are a total of 7 tiers in the Star Path’s reward section and players can get rewards from each of the tiers. Players can unlock the next tier by buying at least three rewards from the previous tier.

Halloween Quests

There are new Halloween quests as well in the Dreamlight Duties. If you open the quests menu and go to the Village section, you’ll see different duties with the Pumpkin logo which are the Halloween quests. These are just like the normal duties that you do for the Dreamlight but completing these duties will give you 1 random gift in your inventory.

Halloween Quests

Then you’ll be able to use the gift and unlock a new cosmetic, recipe, etc. Players can get a lot of new rewards by completing these small duties.

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