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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Germs Abound Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Germs Abound quest

Germs Abound is the first Friendship Quest for Mike Wazowski that players will get to unlock once they have unlocked Sulley and Mike Wazowski and reached Level 2 Friendship with Mike.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Germs Abound quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Germs Abound Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon reaching Friendship Level 2 with Mike Wazowski, speak with Mike and select the quest option to begin the Germs Abound quest. He will ask you to put on some kind of outfit item to keep away any suspicious magical germs.

Order Safety Goggles from Scrooge

After speaking with Mike, make your way to Scrooge’s Store and speak with him. Select the ‘I like to order some items’ option and then select Mike’s icon under the Requests section to view the clothing items. Scroll down to the very bottom to find the Safety Goggles which will cost you 30,000 Star Coins.

Upon ordering the goggles, they will be added to your wardrobe. Open the wardrobe and head into the Glasses section to find the Safety Goggles item. After putting on the glasses, go back and speak with Mike.

Collect Questionable Ingredients

As you speak with Mike, he will ask you to gather some questionable ingredients so that he can make a solution for his allergies. There are three ingredients that you need to find at the following locations.

  • Desiccated Fishing Bait: Found on the dresser beside the bed in Goofy’s House.
  • Ancient Crumbs: Found on the table in Merlin’s Library.
  • Suspicious Fridge Gunk: Found in the Fridge in Mickey’s House.

Once you have gathered all three ingredients, bring them to Mike. Mike will make a Monstrous De-Pollinator Solution which he will tell you to use to upgrade the Watering Can. After speaking with Mike, open the inventory and use the Monstrous De-Pollinator Solution to upgrade your Royal Watering Can.

Water the Flowers

Upon upgrading the Royal Watering Can, you need to water any ten flowers around the valley. Simply venture around the valley and water the plants using the upgraded watering can. Make sure to pick up each flower as well after watering them as you will have to bring them to Mike.

Find Mike’s Contact Lenses

Mike will tell you that he has lost his contact lenses somewhere on Dazzle Beach. Make your way to the Dazzle Beach biome and look for snotty puddles and water them using the watering can to clean them. As you follow the puddles it will eventually take you to the Contact Lenses location. We found the Contact Lenses near the docks in the south.

Once you have found the Contact Lenses, use the Royal Shovel to dig it out. Now, bring the Contact Lens back to Mike.

Wear a Similar Costume to Roz’s

As you bring the Contact Lens to Mike, you will get the objective to get a Rozian Mask and wear a similar costume to look like Roz. To get the mask, you will first have to gather the following materials.

  • 15x Fabric: Crafted at the Crafted Station using Cotton.
  • 23x Rope: Crafted at the Crafted Station using the Fiber.
  • 25x Softwood: Found almost in every biome under the trees.

Once you have obtained the materials, interact with the crafted station to craft the Rozian Mask. Now, wear the crafted mask along with any red top to complete the costume. Make your way to Mike and speak with him to start his therapy session which will eventually conclude the quest.

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