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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Gaston the… Hero? Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Gaston the Hero quest

‘Gaston the… Hero?’ is a Friendship Quest for Gaston that players will get to complete after completing the Center of Attention quest for him. It is a Level 4 Friendship Quest that requires players to find various hobbies for Gaston which quickly turns into a treasure hunt.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Gaston the Hero quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Gaston the… Hero? Quest

Start the quest by talking to Gaston after reaching Friendship Level 4 with him and he will tell you to catch one of the Legendary fish in the Wild Tangle biome. Catch any one of the following fish and bring it to Gaston.

After bringing the fish to Gaston, he will tell you to find the 3 Compass Fragments near the water areas using the Royal Hourglass tool. Equip the Royal Hourglass tool and go to the following areas to find the Compass Fragments.

  • At the Docks (Ancient’s Landing)
  • In the Oasis (Glittering Dunes)
  • In the Grasslands (Wild Tangle)

Once you have found the fragments, go to the Timebending Table and reassemble Gaston’s Repaired Compass. You can find its recipe in the Quest section of the Timbending Table. After reassembling the compass, open the inventory and investigate it to find a memory showing three different locations around Eternity Isle. Talk to Gaston about the memory and he will reveal that he might have hidden some treasures in those areas.

Now, you need to go to each area and explore the image shown in the memory to find a shining spot on the ground to dig the hidden treasure. You can find the treasures in the following locations.

  • Ancient’s Landing (The Docks) – Underneath a Statue near EVE’s house and the Waterfall.
  • Wild Tangle (The Grove) – Underneath the Ship as you cross the bridge to The Grove area.
  • Glittering Dunes (The Wastes) – Near the Cave of Wonders entrance.

After digging all the treasure items, show all of them to Gaston and he will tell you to find the owner of each item. You need to talk to the villagers and ask them if the item is theirs or not to find the owners. The actual owners of the items are mentioned below.

  • The Brush – Merlin
  • The Light Bulb – EVE
  • The Climbing Pick – Scrooge McDuck

Upon returning the items to the rightful owners, talk to Gaston to conclude the quest.


Completing the Gaston the… Hero? Quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 880 Friendship Points
  • Golden Eel Trophy
  • Golden Piranha Trophy
  • Golden Prisma Shrimp Trophy

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